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What's the deal with Taurine? Can they get it from eating Salmon as well as Tuna? My cats aren't big tuna eaters, but they love salmon...
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Salmon and tuna have some taurine BUT cats should not be eating just these as Tuna ( human ) can deplete vitamin e ... What foods do your cats eat...???

Taurine is a amino acid that CATS CANNOT produce thus has to come from diet
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I feed them various flavors of canned 9-Lives and Friskies, but they eat tuna (cat tuna) maybe once a week, but salmon twice a week... THey also get dry food. Is that enough taurine, or should I be feeding them more salmon and/or tuna???
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techinically yes 9 lives is a "complete and balenced food"///

But do a quick search on here about premium foods
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