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Cat furniture

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I went to meowhoo.com (as you do :tounge2: ) and saw this thing in cat furniture, it's a computer shelf that sits on top of the monitor for Kitty to recline on (it's under Cat Furniture, called Furball Technologies).

I was wondering if anyone has used this or a similar product?

Nik loves the heat from the monitor, and will sit up there every time I turn it on, but he doesn't seem very comfortable, keeps slipping down the back. I thought I'd possibly get one to celebrate 6 months of his life. (I know, he has me wrapped around his furry little grey paw, and I fall for it every time.)

I was looking at it today, and with the Australian dollar so strong (ha, how bad is our currency that AUD=0.585USD is considered 'strong' - Australian currency is pathetic ), I am acutally considering it.

Any opinions on the product?

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What a great idea! Nakita could really use that and I've been worried about her lyine all over my monitor adding cat hair and preventing the ventilation.

I'll be happy when I can get her to stop doing this!

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*lol* That is a great pic of Nakita!! I cracked up looking at it. She looks so comfy, and stretched out . Cutie!
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Cats and computers??? Foreign concept in my house!

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LOL thats a cute picture! My cats dont bother sitting on top of the monitor as there isnt enough room, but they do sit in front of it while we are on the computer!
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My cats don't bother with the monitor either, they're too busy occupying my lap. lol
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