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10 Things About Me

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1. I love to read. Mostly Ravenloft books and anything with
Vampires in it.
2. I love to write letters and send cards to people for all occasions. I have 8 pen pals.
3. I love Summer time and hot weather.
4. I am an only child.
5. My Aunt and my cousin are my two best friends.
6. I went to college at Ohio University in Chillicothe.
7. I have a degree in Office Administration, but like being a house woman.
8. My favorite color is purple
9. I rode in a semi for 2 1/2 years with my fiancee and saw 36 states in a year.
10. I can drive a stick shift as well as an automatic.
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Thanks for sharing your 10! I don't know what happened to the thread where this all began, but...

Thanks again for sharing a part of yourself, that we might get to know you better.
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I'm a summer person too!!!!

Sarah - this is so cool of you!!!! And seeing as how you're pretty new here, I thought I'd help bring you up to speed. We have all started a number of "get to know you threads," and we'd love to get to know you!!!!

I'll start a new thread for it, and I'll paste in the links, because we've got a lot of new members here!


BTW - I learned to drive on a stick, and can still drive both. And hubby and I live in an RV!
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I drive stick shift and the first time my husband introduced me to his best friend he told him with great pride "she's a clutcher".

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Well - I did it! I put up a thread with links to lots of "get to know you" stuff! GO WILD!!!!!

Getting to Know Each Other!

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