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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Yeah! Stop getting us all in trouble already, willya?

But since you asked...

There's this wonderful candy bar, European, I think, called Ritter Sport, and it comes in various versions, I guess -- but the one I love is a big square slab of milk chocolate chock-full of whole roasted hazelnuts! What could be better?

And chocolate-covered cherries, especially the liquid centers...

And of course Reese's... especially the white chocolate version...

And malted milk balls! I have to peel off the chocolate shell, because it's never good quality chocolate, but the insides... oh gosh...

And I just love dark chocolate over buttercream filling flavored with Gran Marnier liqueur or Maker's Mark bourbon... which is strange, since I'm not a drinker at all...

And strawberries -- oh, strawberries were born to be dipped in chocolate! There was a chocolate fountain at a seminar I went to last year: curtains of warm milk chocolate just pouring down, and all sorts of goodies lined up to coat with it -- strawberries, blackberries, dried cherries, pretzels, shortbread cookies, tangerine segments, Brazil nuts... oh my gosh, I felt so decadent!

But heaven help me, I'm diabetic, and all these wonderful things are death to me! I try so hard, but I do cheat sometimes...
Ohhh no worries love!!! There are GREAT diabetic alternatives out there! I buy a ton of sugar free stuff myself and make my own stuff sometimes (i'm insulin resistant). The "Turtles" stuff comes in sugar free and those are yummy- they also make the Lifesavers Cream Savers in sugar free if you like those too!!!!
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For anyone diabetic or insulin resistant, I found a sugar-free rub and mop sauce for grilling babyback ribs that dh made this weekend...as good as any ribs slathered in barbeque sauce that I've ever had...and totally compliant with a sugar-free, low carb diet approach.

I'll pm it to you two posters above, if you wish.
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I'm not so big into chocolate, but rather taffy.

Frooties Green Apple in particular, which I just happen to have bought a large bag of tonight!

ETA: My mom is type 2 diabetic....she can restrain herself with JUST ONE of "normal" candies....so she often buys regular Turtles, etc. But the SugarFree Turtles are wonderful(I even like them ), so are the various LifeSavers. Mom says the SugarFree Tootsie pops are good, too. And the Russell Stover SugarFree chocolates, most are pretty good.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Ohhhhhh I LOVE those! I can't belive i forgot them on my list Did you know they sell them in a big bag full of the individual wrapped stuff?

We've been through quite a few bags around here
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Dark chocolate is my favorite - especially Godiva.
There is a shop in Exeter, NH that makes bittersweet chocolate covered crackers. They are absolutely the best!
Also, my guilty pleasure is buying Hershey's special dark chocolate bars, freezing them and the covering them with peanut butter and eating them with a glass of milk! Unfortunately, there are not enough WW points for that!
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I guess I have pretty generic taste in chocolate; give me a Snickers or a Baby Ruth and I'm a happy camper.
For non-chocolate it would be Misty Mints or Mint Meltaways; I think they have a different name in different parts of the country.
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Chocolate = love.

I love:
Reese's Peanut butter cups
Symphony (Hershey's chocolate with toffee)
A relatively new Hershey bar filled with peanut butter

I am soooo craving all of this now.
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Originally Posted by pjk5900 View Post

I believe that is a universal term, but just in case.....

milk chocolate, pecans & caramel!!!!!
A-HA!!!! I thought that was you I saw drooling outside of Mike Lib's!!!
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reeses is my fav candy
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