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my male cat spike has an absess on his side i am takeing him to the today but does any one know the best way to take care of him till i can get him the there i shaved the fur off of the wound and a whole bunch of puss came out hell please i am realy worried
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It sounds like you are doing the right thing - keep him clean and dry and get him to the vets! Good luck!
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You are doing the right thing taking him to the vet
Spike will probably be on antibiotics for a while to get rid of the infection. THe vet will take care of the drainage, and explain how to care for the wound at home.
The best thing to do for him now is to keep him comfty until he sees the vet. Kepp him as relaxed as possible- if you have other kittiies, you might want to isolate him as well

Good luck! Please update after the vet
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well we are back from the vets and spike is on buprenophine for pain and clavamox for the infection of two absesed puncture wounds most likely form a cat fight earlier this week
*whew* i am so glad it did not require anything more that that
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Yasmine had one on the side of her face. The doctor drained it and later on in the evening the puss built back up so i gently pressed on it to drain it (per dr's orders) and i just kept it clean with some ointment. NO big deal.
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i guess i got so worried because i have raised him since the day he was born
and i lost my midnight to a urinary tract blockage that i didn't get checked out fast enough and he went septic and spike is my little romeo
he is a therapy cat for my bi polar as well so i guess i am willing to give arm and or a leg to see that he is better
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Have you taken your kitty to the vet yet?
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yeah we have been home now for a half hr and he has had his first dose of meds
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Just keep a close eye on it and make sure he doesnt try to scratch it with his back legs. It may re-open the wound if that happens. Good luck!
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the vet wants me to keep the wounds open so the the puss can drain out over the next couple of days
so i will be keeping a very close eye on him
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Sometimes vets will recommend warm compresses to keep the wound open and draining completely. Other than that, it sounds like he is in good hands.
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Holly Golightly had a tennis ball-sized abcess on her face several months ago after Buster bit her. She underwent emergency draining surgery and had a tube at the site for several days. She then wore a cone for two weeks in order to avoid scratching the sutures. She also required warm compresses twice daily along with antibiotics.

I'm glad to hear that your cat's abcess wasn't so drastic!
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well spike is doing much better and is playing romeo with me (he won't leave my side) the vet was suprised at how dosile he is for not being nutered i will do the warm compresses for the next few days and see how it goes
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Hows the baby doing?
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he is doing much better and is very currious about the kittens my other cat had yesterday afternoon
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i will post a pic of spike just as soon as i find him th big dork snuck out side again i swear to god he is hudini incarnate
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here is mr hudini
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