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A cat tale from the hood‏

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One of the founders of the rescue I foster for sent me this email today.

Sunday night after coming home from the adoption and I'm dead tired, dropped off Dawns cats at the vets then stopped at my mail box (in front of my neighbors house) to get yesterdays mail. Before I started unloading I opened two envelopes (I use my car as an office :-)) one was a check for several hundred $ so I thought it was one of those junk mail things but I looked at it again and it had been put into the wrong mail box (glad I didn't just throw it away). So I unloaded and let the dogs out and since I can't walk to my mail box without at least 7 NQTs (not quite tame cats) following me I thought I'd drive the block up to the end of the street and turn around and put the mail in my neighbors box on the way back. Got half way up the street and I kept hearing a jingling noise but what I was really thinking about was my one eyed yellow NQT happily wobbling as fast as she could behind my car. She has cerebral displasia (causes the wobble when she runs)but she is an amazingly happy cat and in spite of the wobble she was not far behind me. Suddenly I realized what the jingle was, Tiger who inspite of the big bell on his collar manages to catch a good number of birds and terrorize the squirrels was on top of my van. He loves to sleep there. I stopped and pulled him off and into the van then turned around to put the mail in the box and yelled at cookie to go home she was just pleased as punch to escort me back to our house, So if you read in the papers about a crazy cat lady who couldn't leave her house without her cats following her it is probably me.
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That's cute!
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That is such a cute story! Thanks for sharing it.
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