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Rio AKA Worm kitten

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Rio is my foster that had cuterebra (sp?) worms in his neck and nose. The one in his nose caused him to have a funny "flat" nose and its also just one big open space instead of two seperate holes. He is currently being treated for ringworm which has taken over his tiny body. We dont know if he will ever get better. He currently has 10 spots of ringworm. When we get one spot healed up 2 more pop up in its place. So he doesnt get his picture taken much anymore. Isnt he handsome though??

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He is absolutely gorgeous! Especially those eyes! You have done a wonderful job with him,bless his little heart!!
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Hes not just gorgeous he has the best temperment. If he didnt have so many health issues he would have been adopted by now. Alot of people wanted him but we ended up having to take down his pic and info down at the vets because we were getting so many calls on him. Everyone loves his face. I love his markings. He actually has stripes everywhere. They are so cool looking. Thin and cover his whole body.
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What a darling kit - you do wonderfully with him and the others. He actually kind of reminds me of a couple of mine!
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AWE! What a CUTIE!
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