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Daily Thread Tuesday 18 September.

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Hello everyone.

Another quiet and hot day here today.

The most interesting thing I can tell you today is that, I heard my wife on the phone going round and round in circles with someone, having to repeat herself again and again. After a good 1/2hr of this she finally said "how many bleeding times am I going to have to repeat myself to you, you moron". I damn near wet my pants when she said that because, well English insults etc, translated into Japanese does not always sound too flash, and this was one of them times. I could understand what she was saying but $50 says the person on the other end was lost at that point.


Have a great Tuesday all, we are already 2/5 through this week
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I woke up to rain outside. Which I'm not complaining about because I think my air conditioner has kicked the bucket, and yesterday it was 83F inside, and the rain has cooled off the place. Nothing on the agenda for today. I am starting to feel much better--finally.
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Another nice day here sunny and breezy.

Typically day for me, heading off to work in a bit, having a short day though then am going to do some shopping. Might grab dinner out, might not depends on whether the mood strikes me.

The kitties are good this morning, Sassy is nappy and Linus is playing under my desk. On of his mice has got jammed under the back and he is trying to get it out. I'll give a bit longer then rescue it for him.

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Morning/evening all!

Looks like it is gonna be another hot one here today, had a little taste of fall this weekend, and it was so nice!! Very enjoyable 70's temperatures.

Nothing really planned today, started some laundry earlier and that will probably take all day.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Day!!
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We're getting back into the hot weather again. After a week of 60s and 70s, we're supposed to have temperatures in the upper 80s this week.

My day isn't off to a great start so far. I sprained my shoulder and neck a few days ago carrying bags of water softener salt from the barn to the house, and my neck is still sore today, although not *quite* as bad.
Went out to feed my horse and had to move a board in the barn, didn't realize where I dropped it and it landed on a fire extinguisher... right on the little trigger which made it go off everywhere.
Reached through the stall gate to pet Levi, and he was in a very playful mood, and accidently pinned my arm between his big head and the gate pretty hard. That'll be sore in the morning.
Came back inside, laid down in bed to check TCS on the laptop and Tabitha decided to leap from the rafters onto the bed, missed the bed and landed right on the inside of my leg. OUCH.
To top it all off, Scooter decided to pee all over his crate leaving me a gigantic puddle to clean up, not to mention giving him a bath, and cleaning the floor where wet paw prints lead to the outside.

It's only 11 AM. Yep, it's going to be a great day.
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It is another beautiful, sunny, cool, fall-like day here! I am at work - obviously not working too hard! I am sure that the kids are at home having a party, climbing the curtains and generally creating mayhem. I hope you all have a great day, where ever you are!
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A very warm and windy late summer day.

Went to one of my clients for a while and startedd my mini-roto tiller and the tines didn't rotate. Called Neil who said take the tines off and check to see if the cian slipped off the shaft.....Me: um okay (not)!! I'll have him do that tonite!!

Had to pick up some oil for the tractor as gas got in with the oil??? Joys of having a antique tractor!! Picked up a new book " Love, eat, Pray", stopped at a vaccum place and picked up a pizza for dinner tonite and them proceeded to sprain my ankle..

So I'm letting that rest a bit and will put on my ankle wrap and do some yard work later this afternoon -gotta pick the tomatoes too.
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It's a very boring and normal day here. Mid sixties and overcast - no sun for the cats to lay in, so they're sleeping on my bed. In a few minutes I'm going to go babysitting, whether I like it or not. I need my money! At the moment, though, I'm on TCS and am trying to figure out where Da Birds are cheapest.

Have a great day everyone...
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Colin woke me up this morning (my day off!). He thought it'd be funny to go outside and ring the doorbell and get the dogs to barking. Soooooo Nice! I told him "you know, some men make their fiance's breakfast in bed you know"

After i got up, I organized my closet and put away some clothes/etc. Then I fed all the furbabies. After breakfast time for the animals- i got the foster kittens out for a bit and spent time trying to socialize them

Tonight i'm planning to go shopping for my SS
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I can safely say that I'm thrilled the work day is over for me. It involved so much drama (I work as a counselor at a substance abuse rehabilition center) that I am overwhelmed to the point of wanting to go outside right now and scream at the top of my lungs. I've been taking as many deep, cleansing, and relaxing breaths as I can throughout the day. Hopefully my sanity will return tomorrow!
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