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Questions for PA Residents...

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My husband and I need to make a snap decision about where to move--near Chicago or Philly. We wouldn't have work in Chicago before moving but know that job opportunities abound there (especially when the economy bounces back). We've had our hearts set on Chicago for several years; now that the opportunity to move arises, my husband is offered a job interview in Hatfield, PA (kind of near Philly, I believe).

I know *nothing* about the Philly area, and I don't want to move without knowing if there's a strong publishing industry there (and that the winters aren't as bad as I picture them to be).

Anyone from somewhat near the Philly area, please lend me your thoughts on this matter. I need *all* the help I can get right now.

PS: You're better off e-mailing me directly: devisme76@yahoo.com

Thank you so much,

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PA is a great state! There is a lot of things to do and see all withen in a couples of hours drive from where you will live. I say go for PA Sherral
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I live about two hours north of Philadelphia. Personally I have always loved PA. Quite honestly, I have never lived in another state, so I guess in that respect I am biased. Philadeplhia is like any other big city. There is the good the bad and the ugly. I would imagine much like Chicago. The job market is wide open down there, though I don't know specifically about the publishing business, but it is a big city and with that come opportunity. The people are full of pride for their city and they have some great cheese steaks (they don't call'em Philly cheese steaks for nuthin!). The surrounding areas of the city are your average suburb type places. I do know the cost of living is higher in that part of PA than where I am, but that is to be expected since it the city. There are some great areas near-by that are probably cheaper cost of living wise. There are a lot of people who commute.

I don't know which city you should choose since I have never been to Chicago, but I do know the Philadelphia area is a nice place. Just my take . Good luck with your decision.
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