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My First Photo of Kitten Roxy!

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Don't be fooled by the cute persona!
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Oh good grief! Look at that gorgeous little muffin in her white cotton socks!!

She's stunning!!
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Awwww! Just look at those big, bright eyes. She's a beauty.
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Awww! Thank you - it's the one white lip and the white socks that get me every time!
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That picture makes me smile, what a cutie!
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And does she have a little bit of white in between her front two legs? Roxy is a complete darling...I want to hop through the screen and hug her!
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Roxy is precious.
She is going to be a real beauty when she grows up.
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Awww, Roxie is a little dollbaby.
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Aww look at that cute little face

Roxie is so adorable! Thanks for sharing her photo Can't wait to see more of that beautiful face
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That little baby is absolutely precious What a little gorgeous kitten.
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What a precious cutie pie She is just soo gorgeous
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Aww, what a little sweetheart!
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she is absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't stand the cuteness!!
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She is a doll, looks pretty sweet to me
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OMIGOSH that is one adorable little fluff! She reminds me so much of my Rani as a baby. Love her and take good care of her! and kisses and scritches from all of us to her!
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All I have to say is WHERE'S THE CUTENESS WARNING???
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So adorable!!!
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So FLUFFY! Mwa! Give her a kiss for me!
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What a cutie-pie!
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Oh my! Roxy is soooooo cute!!!!
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SOOOO CUTE! What a little pumpkin
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