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My cat suddenly acting strange

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Just now he went out of my sight, and then he return and jerking for a few moments, and now he's not purring anymore (he usually purrs when I tickle him)

Could it be that he ate something that block his throat?
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Can you explain a bit more about jerking? Do you mean he is gagging?

If so, it could be a hairball. There are remedies you can get at the pet store for that.
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He just threw up...some fancy feast food I fed him earlier. He did not purr and now he's sleeping beside me. Omg I'm really panic right now Is he ok?

Is it because I give him 2 cans per day? Is that too much? I fed him 1/2 can every 4-5 hours..

Btw he's 6 months right now.
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How long has it been since he ate? Did the food that came up look partly digested or as though he simply regurgitated what he ate? Sometimes cats will vomit if they eat too fast. Elevating the food dish a few inches will force him to eat more slowly.

Two cans of food per day doesn't sound like too much for a six month old kitty.
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It was maybe 3-4 hours earlier. It was half digested, I could see chunk of undigested meat in there (I fed him the flaked one). No blood in there, though. He purr, but the volume is very low than usual.
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I think for now I'd just keep an eye on him. Make sure he's drinking water and using the litter box normally. If he vomits again you might want to give the vet a call.

It's also possible that he needs a food that is simpler than Fancy Feast. Some flavors of FF have byproducts or grains that some cats have problems with. Here's a link to a recent thread about food. It contains links to more threads about food. It may give you some ideas about other/better foods for your boy.

I hope your kitty is OK and no more vomiting.
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Yeah, he dont vomit anymore, and he's ok right now. His bladder is fine and he's drinking water and his pellet food.

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