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The sneakiness of kittens....

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Have any of you ever noticed how sneaky your cats can be about their "unplanned" attacks on their fellow felines?

For example todays "attack" started by Winston went like this...

"Oh you're sleeping, I think I'll come snuggle!"

I love you so much that I will even clean your ear for you!


From here on out all chaos broke loose.

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Awwwwwwwwwww Winston sounds like my Jack because he does that

I keep telling Rosie it's a love bite though
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That could be Sonic and Radar. You almost think that they are going to be nice to each other. Some licking and grooming. Then the chaos starts. They have only on one occasion so far layed down next to each other and NOT have it end with their heads in each others mouths!!!!
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They're little stinkers in the diguise of a fluffy kitten, that's what! I love Winston's little black eyemasks...he makes the perfect "bandit".
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Aaaaw!! Those pics are great!! And the kitties are sooo cute!!
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thats so funny and cute!
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that sounds just sooo familiar That is exactly what Stormie and Blue do to each other, an occasionally they will add Tessa in the fun, but Storm always cleans and then she bites, blue she goes over to get her head "cleaned" and then starts playing

But O my What GORGEOUS kitties u have there, those pics are great Just soo precious
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lol, when I lived with my parents, my mom's Siamese, Toby, would always do things like that to Frisco.
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That reminds me of Kojak and Fosters (our Aussie). They start out snuggling and grooming each other and then Kojak will pop Fosters and Fosters will "bite" Kojak's head
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My foster kittens are always doing this. To cute.
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That's really cute

Casper, and my mother's cat do that sometimes
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Awww! Those are simply adorable photos! I love kitty snuggles!
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At least they aren't pulling sneak attacks on you!! That is what Layla does to me!
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Cosmo does that to Mollie all the time! And if she isn't available, at night he snuggles with me and then goes "under covers" and bites - and I do mean bites - the calves of my legs! What a weird guy he is!
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