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What Made You Smile Today?

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Ok everyone, i thought we could all post about something positive tonight that made us smile today! Think hard...what put a smile on your face today?

For me it was playing with the dogs earlier tonight.Whiskey was just soooooooooo happy to chase after his favorite ball toy- he's an older little guy, but seeing him have the energy of a puppy when he gets excited is soo cute! We spent a good hour throwing their favorite toys around for them to play with and get soooooo excited over. It made me happy to see them having soo much fun! (well that and the fact that Kojak thinks he's a dog too so he wanted to join in)

What made you happy today????
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hmm locking my self out of the office made me laugh
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Handing a paper in today that's due on Wednesday...I'm amazed. I always hand things in when they're due.
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This made me smile...My Skins just WON...we beat the Eagles...
We are 2-0
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I was on the laptop and Kiko came up to me and laid right on the keyboard looking at me all googly eyed, so I picked him up, kissed him and sat him beside me. He then made a cry, like how a dog does. Awwwww so I picked him up and loved on him
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Tucker refused to stop following me around...when I started petting him he would roll over and "tell" me that he really, really wanted a tummy rub. I also did yoga for the first time in my life, felt like a complete dummy trying to be a tree, and laughed at myself.
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I would have to say "KrazyKitten" She is a real character! She made me smile
and then this evening, my son is in the band this yr. He is actually playing
my old, ancient alto saxophone, he was practicing on it, just the sound of
him playing made me smile!
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Charlie (my macaw) was sitting with me and he said "awww I love you bird" . I thought that was adorable.

And then around 10:30 tonight I was laying down for a quick little nap on the couch and Bosco came and layed on my hand...his way of laying with me since he won't actually lay in bed with me I guess.
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Tonight was the first night Karma jumped up on the couch with us all on her own and cuddled for almos 30 minutes. She has neve done that before. She nuzzled in right between us and just got comphy. It was great.

Also, while I was posting this I heard a noise behind me, I turned around and she had her little head poking up over the back of the couch looking at me with a look that said "hi mom, whatcha doin'? Me I'm just hangin off the couch, Arn't I cute?" She really knows when we need some extra lovin. You can always count on a kitty.
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Layla slept on her back cuddled on my arm so I could pet her belly a give her kisses!! And, some really sweet guy gave me a tape to record my COMM speech becauseI forgot mine, oh and he's cute!
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Playing with my new mobile phone
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Well even tho it was pouring down rain driving to work - I smiled when this little possom was running as fast as his little feet could go (really funny looking from behind too) to get to the side of the road without being road kill. I was going slow enough to go in the other lane so I would not hit him.
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Even though this was for last night, I'll go ahead and do it for the morning so far. Waking up this morning and watching Waffle come out from her new secret sleeping space that I didn't knew existed made me smile. Matt and I just moved into a new place a couple of weeks ago so she's got plenty of new hiding spots to discover!!!
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Couldn't help but smile at Linus today. Sassy was in a playful mood and begin chasing him around the house. Linus was so excited he jumped up to the top of the free standing wall that separates the bedroom and living room of my loft. Unfortunately once he got up there he couldn't figure out how to get back down.

I ended up rescuing him but the look on his little face was priceless.
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Yesterday I posted my sister her birthday present for today. ( I got her a digital camera and memory card, a book, Green and Blacks chocolate and I threw in a packet of vegan sausage mix and some vegan burger mix, weird I know but she can`t get them where she lives. )

This morning I was at work and she phoned me. Twice I said 'hello' but I couldn`t hear her. Then I realised she was crying and couldn`t speak.

What made me smile was that she liked it so much and I laughed when this teary voice said, 'I love it, and I love the chocolate and I love sausage mix'
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Realized that after Neil called me to tell me that he needed some oil for the tractor that I forgot to shave my legs!! (it was cold last week so I skipped it!!) Well I just said to myself who is going to look at my legs and not only did I get the oil I stopped at 4 other stores!!
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Seeing our little kittens Shilo & Sadee growing up to be healthy & happy girls We almost lost Sadee...
Getting to come home to my hubby & our cats when I get off of work Love all the greetings!
Yay! We just received our new deluxe petmate cat water fountain! Our other petmate bowl was 5 years old! We figured we'd need the big bowl for all of 8 kitties
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Waking up and realizing that it's one day closer until "Mr. Amzing" moves in.
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Fosters and Whiskey made me smile a little while ago. I had my 3 latest foster kittens out socializing them and the dogs were just estatic to see them (they're soooo gentle!! they love kitties!) they bathed every last kitten The kittens were purring up a storm- they must have thought Fosters & Whiskey were their mommas Soo cute!
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I was having a really bad day... I woke up an hour late, had just horrible files at work.. you get the idea... and while I was sitting here stressing my brain out, Sammy hopped up onto my lap and started purring like a madman

A lapcat always makes it all better
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I've been in my new position for 2 months and I've made a few friends. One of the newest friends just stopped by to see if I wanted something from the vending machine and we talked for about 20 minutes. She is so young (she graduated from college 3 months ago) and so enthusiastic about her job, that she makes me smile. She couldn't wait to get back to her desk and get back to work!
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Watching Mittens sleep in her new Cat Throne instead of under the chair or behind the TV.
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I got to have another smile at Linus expense not to long ago. I was clipping Sassy claws and Linus was being his usual self, sticking his head in trying to see what I was doing to Sass.
Anyway after a couple of try to cut one claw with a little grey head in the way I picked him up and sat him on the footstool.
I said to him now you sit there and be good and you can both have a treat when I am done.
Amazingly he stayed there and just watched...It surprised the heck out of me because Linus doesn't listen all that well.

I was so proud of him he got two treats.

He is now of coarse tearing around the house like a banshee, but at least for about 5 minutes today he was a perfectly behaved young gentlemen....
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I got to spend the day with my grandbaby
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This morning as I was leaving to go to the University, I saw 4 cats from around the neighborhood on the back fence. I have known these cats for a while but I had never seen all of them together. As soon as I walked out, they all immediately jumped off the fence and ran up to me and started purring. It was the sweetest thing ever. Naturally, I played with them for a while before leaving. I can't resist
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We had a department outing for work tonight at a restaurant with bocci ball courts. We weren't too sure on the finer points of the rules, so I just made a bunch up. It was a lot of fun, and a chance to relax a bit during a really, really hectic time at work.
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I went S.S. shopping and got some great stuff.

When I got home I just put the items in a bag and didn't really think anything else of it. When hubby got home he found that Rip had found the bag and continued to rip apart the sack to pull out the little box of CAT NIP!!! THEN Rip had torn open the box and ate a hole in the plastic baggie so he could get his kitty high!

Needless to say the nip is now his and I'll be going back to the store later on to get more nip. ha ha
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Great idea for a thread.

A lot of things made me smile today.

-Cuddling with the dogs
-Molly and Polly cuddling and grooming eachother
-"Talking" to Polly (meowing at eachother :p) and silly pictures I go of her (that I have to upload still)
-Talking with people that make me smile and laugh

There were lots of smiles today but there are some.
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Kitty makes me smile every day. ^_^
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Some more things that made me smile today:

Spending time with my niece Taylor. (she's 12...13 in dec.) We both had a blast just hanging out with each other and going shopping. She helped me shop for my SS tonight- it was soooooooooooooo fun!

I also had a good time trying to pick out the perfect gift for my SS- i love shopping for others and trying to be creative!
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