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baby update

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Sam's ultrasound went well. They're both girls. No way to tell if they're identical or not. Everything is well-formed and where its supposed to be. Each one weighs 1 lb. 1 oz. Now, I can go buy those two cute little outfits that I found.

My prodigal son didn't show up. I think that he's afraid of me. He'd better be!

I'm just glad that Sam and the babies are OK. She's going to e-mail me the ultrasound pix.
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What a stressful time for the whole family. It's great that your giving support to Sam, she's very lucky to have you!

Glad to hear that everything is fine with the little ones!

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Thats great news!! I love when you can see them on ultrasounds, it suddenly makes it all so real.

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I am so glad to hear about the ultrasounds - I love ultrasounds! I hope you can post the pictures of the wee darlings!
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What great news!!!!!!!!!!! The fun is just beginning, grandma!!!!
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...or are you going to be Grammie? My mom chose to be "Marmie," (from little women?). My mom's mom was "Lala." Her name was Ella, and my older Brother heard people calling her that but couldn't pronounce it. So "Lala" stuck.

Have you given any thought to this part of it????
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I'm, barely getting used to the status and haven't given any real thought about what they'll call me. My mother is "Grandma", to all of our broods. Sam's family is Hispanic and use "Nana".

Bill keeps insisting that he's "Grandpa", though. I think that he's going to be plumb foolish, over those little girls. When they start dating, he's liable to buy a shotgun.
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Cindy, I'm so happy the babies are both doing well. Please do post the ultrasound pics. I've never seen an ultrasound of twins before.
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Cindy -

I am happy to hear the great news about the babies! I hope that they continue to be healthy and strong!

Also, thanks for sharing about Bill. He sounds like he'll be a fantastic grandpa!

Congratulations to you all!
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Can we pick the names?

Veronica and Monica - after my cat (Ronnie) and a Friends character.

Hope Sam is feeling ok. My sister had twin boys last year - she grew to the size of a small house. And then had herself sterilised. I was only given the option of finding a middle name for one of them, as she was stuck. I suggested using her husband's name - as she had not bothered to use it for the other 4 babies she had had with him! DOH!

I am sending Yorkshire good-will to Mark as well.
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With things being kind of crazy, right now, I don't think that they've thought about names, yet.

It would be nice, if they'd put "Mary" or "Esther", in there, for my mom.
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Oh My Gosh!!!! Two little girls!!!! Sam must be so happy!!!! And you will make the most wonderful grandma there ever was!!!! You will get them addicted to those kitkats as soon as they can eat solid food, I just know it!! **HUGS** I am so happy for you guys!!!!

Give "grandpa" a big hug for me!!!

I am sorry to hear Mark missed out on this....I am still praying he will turn things around and be the father he knows in his heart he should be. Keep us posted!
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