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Mom is sick :(

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Cybele and Freya's mom, Bali, has developed an uterine infection (in French, Pyométrite) Poor mommy did 40C of fever and is now under 20 days of Antibiotics. She's such a great mom, she didn't deserve this It was her first liter, vet said some cats are genetically predisposed.

Bali will now have to be spayed, so its makes this first and last liter very special.

However, babies are sill doing well. The breeder bottlefeeds them every two hours as they need it. All of them except Cybele are eating dry food on their own and also drink water on their own. Cybele still needs the little spoon.

The best of it all is that Freya (left) is playing the mom role She washes and licks her sisters' and brother's eyes and cares for them ... talk about strong maternal instincts and family hood !

Can we all gather and send good vibes to Bali for quick recovery?
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I'm saying prayers for her! I am so sorry she is ill, it looks she's getting great care though. And what a beautiful litter too! Such cute kittens. I adore Siamese. <3
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Siamese are beautiful cats! I love the little one sleeping to the far left, that's precious Sending lots of good her way for a speedy recovery!
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Aww we hope everything is going to be okay with Bali

for her to get better & feel better
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I have a problem...

Kittens were born on August 9th ... however Bali started antibiotics last Friday and must do so for 20 days, approx. until October 19th.

My original plans were that I was going to go and get the kitten on the 17th. Since medschool is back in session, I live 5 hours away. October 17th would have put them at around 10 weeks... its a little young, but still okay. Besides the breeder has been taking good care of them and doing a lot of efforts to make them more independent.

However now, because of Bali's infection, babies and mom were separated due to the vet's worries about the infection being carried in the milk. I have a chance to go get them next week-end (28th)... they'll be 7.5 weeks only by then, but since they're already cut from their mothers and no longer in contact until the end of October anyway.

I realize I might have to bottlefeed them another week or two if I get them this early, as well as clean their eyes perhaps, but is there a danger in getting them so young? I am naturally very excited to get them because even 6 weeks before they were born I was already waiting for them...however I want the best for Cybele and Freya and don't want to shock them by taking them away from their sisters and brother.

So, can I go get them on the 28th at barely 8 weeks old, or wait until mid-October and give them another 2 weeks with their sisters and brother???
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Id appreciate help on this matter..
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I think you should start a new thread asking about bringing the kittens home early. It will get more responses.

None of us recommend taking the babies away from Mom and siblings too early, but sometimes it happens. I have mostly raised orphans so I know they can be successfully raised and live very long lives (21yrs old) when orphaned as young as 2 days old.

If they have been completely separated from Mom, with no attention from her at all, I don't think bringing them home would be a problem. You just need to make sure you are up for it. At 8 weeks they are monsters, LOL, learning to explore and into everything.

They are beautiful babies and I love the names you picked for them
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