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Premature eyebrows!

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Well now that i've grabbed your attention

I've noticed the last year or two (the highest times of my stress) that i have two or three white eyebrow hairs. I only notice this when i pluck them out, they are white from root to tip. It's not something someone would be able to see and point out in public though.

I'm just wondering why this happened. I know they say stress makes you grey early, but this is rediculous! Anyone else heard about this? Apart from being cuddly and the blood pressure goes up and down, i have no other serious health problems (just a couple of skin probs but i hide them well).

*hides in a paper bag*
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don't feel bad, I'm 29 and last year found a completely white hair, full length and my hair is long! now I have one that is smack dab in the center of my forehead it's these kitties I tell ya!
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I wouldn't worry about it. I found my first white hair at age 13. I'm 24 now, and I'm not completely white or grey. I have noticeable white hair, it sucks, but it's no big deal. I don't dye my hair, either.

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I've been getting the odd grey hair since I was in my mid 20's. I'm 45 now and there are more My cousin on my Dad's side was salt and pepper when he was 18 years old. On the other hand my Dad had very few grey hair when he died at 76.

I get 2 or 3 white hairs in my left eye brow. If it's a longer hair then I pluck, but a shorter one I don't bother.

Before I gave up colouring my hair I used to colour my eye brows with the same hair colour so that they matched my hair.
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I found my first white eyebrow at 17! I have several of them now, and it's okay with me... who wants to be like everybody else anyway?
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I got a few white hairs back in high school.. That was a high stress time for me. I haven't noticed any that seem to be new recently, though I do have one long strand that I know of..
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I've had a little clump of white hairs for as long as I can remember(I'm only 21!). My teacher used to make fun of me because she's walk by our desks and when she walked by mine she's see my little white "streak"(about 10 hairs that were pure white).

So, don't feel alone. Even the best of us have white hair, lol.
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I was in high school when I found my first white hair. I still get em but I'm not too worried yet. DH is about to turn 27 and he's got quite a bit of white hairs on the sides of his head and they are now trailing around down the back of his hair line too. We call them 'extra blond hairs!'
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is it really stress? I mean I've had a pretty stressful life in general, I've got a streak in the front that is starting to spread and some on the side you when if your hair is tied back you can see it...I'm 24, I thought it was just genetics or something...GREAT
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I have a little spot of white hair along my part, I think it's from a scar though. I get the eyebrow ones too!
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No white/gray eyebrows in fact at age 50 I have very few gray hairs!!
Hope I got this from my dad even though he didn't have much hair he was in his mid 60's before you noticed the grey.
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