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Help...Kitty just neutered and won't calm down!

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The vet told us Isosceles would be sleepy after his surgery (done earlier today under general anesthesia), so it wouldn't be a problem to keep him calm so that he won't rip his stitches.

Isosceles is not sleepy. He wants to PLAAAAY! He brought various toys to me to fetch and I took them away saying "no! you're supposed to take it easy." So first he ran around meowing looking for his toys. He tried to play with Merfy, but I pulled them apart.

We've confined him to the living room so it'll be easier to watch him.

He's been diving off of the couch, jumping back ON the couch, diving under various things, spinning in circles, looking for my fiancee as if maybe HE'LL let him be wild...I keep trying to get him to lie down but boy is he hyper! I don't know what to do...how do you tell a cat "Go to sleep"? I thought today he'd be tired enough at least for me to trim his claws. lol

(NOW he's on the desk watching me type...maybe if I keep typing he'll sit still...oh wait...he's found a pen to play with.)
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Luckily, the boys have a much less complicated operation

As far as keeping him still, do you have a dog kennel or a smaller room to put him in? One where he can't get into much trouble If he gets sleepy after eating maybe you can try giving him some extra food?

Good luck! Boys can be such rascals!
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Well, there's the bathroom. All our rooms are pretty small. It's an old house with little rooms. I know he's not supposed to get it wet though...

Oh! the food is a great idea. They told me he might get nauseous after eating today, but he's eaten, and wanted more, no vomitting, so I think if we take it slow we might not have any trouble.

Less complicated, no kidding! haha when Merfy was spayed she slept for about 12 hours straight!
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IMO I'd confine him to a small room and let him be. Its not really major surgery for males, but you don't want them to pull out stitches either.
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Unfortunately, some kitties do not listen to their vet's advice. We brought home a cat after extensive hip surgery and the vet said to keep her quiet. HAH! She refused and had to inspect the entire house.
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I didn't think males had stitches? Tbh, I wouldn't worry. Mosi was the same when he was neutered. Jumped straight out of the carrier and acted like nothing had happened. I'd keep an eye on him in case he's a bit wobbly after the anaesthetic and tries to jump onto something he can't quite manage, but otherwise he'll probably be fine. Male neutering is a very minor procedure.
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Sometimes they do have stiches. Long time since I had a freshly neutered male

I always crack up laughing when the vet says "now keep him/her quiet...." - yeahhhhhhh right...................
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Everest was checking things out right after he got home but crashed soon after and slept for the majority of the night.

I took Shadow in to have his teeth cleaned right before spring. As groggy and wobbly on his feet as he was from the anesthesia he wouldn't lay down. He's the Boss of the apartment and had to check to make sure everything was in its right place. Silly boy.
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Lol! yeah they really don't seem to listen to the vet.

Sometimes I suspect he understands words. I mean, I know it sounds silly but this morning I was about to leave, and Isosceles was standing by the door. I didn't want him getting out (he loves to be chased. He'll let you get reaaaally close...and run. Not an activity I want to be involved in outside when i need to be going to work.)

Anyway, to get him away from the door I said "Go play with Merfy!" He immediately got away from the door, ran down the stairs to the basement and I could see he'd climbed onto the dirty laundry next to Merf. Probably a coincidence...but weird.

ANYWAY, Thanks for the advice everyone! An update: He has not pulled his stiches out and the "area" looks okay to my untrained eye. Thanks!
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