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Catch a stray?

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We have a stray running around our town, and I need advice on how to catch him. I think some of the neighbors are feeding him, because he isn't way to thin, but still thin. And also he goes to each house and meows at the door. I have tried to get him to come near me, but he just walks away. I can't leave out food because we have a opossum problem around here. Any ideas on how to catch him?

For anyone that is interested he (or she, I don't know for sure) is a light gray and white cat that looks pretty young.

If you need anymore information just ask. Thank you!

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Yea I've used a live trap before. Put some wet cat food or sardines, the smellier the better, at the back as bait. If the cat is hungry it won't take too long. I have possums also, and I learned not to try to catch the cats at night or the possums will be what you get. Only do it during daylight, when the possums are sleeping.
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How close does he come to you? Does he come up to your door and cry, like he does with the other neighbors?

I would try and establish feeding him in the morning (when the opossums are not out) and then put the food into a trap after a little while.

Trapping can be scary if you haven't done it before, but it is really pretty easy.

You need a plan for after you trap him. Have a vet appointment set up to test him and give him shots and if necessary also neuter him (which it sounds like he needs if he is crying at each door), and also have a small room set up for him to recover in and get used to you, for after the vet.
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