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Help - my kitten is driving me crazy!

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Hi there,

Im desperately in need of some help.......

I have a 8 week old kitten Roxy who is the most adorable thing ever. Most of the time she is very loving and lies very peacefully on me while sleeping. I play with her in 3 play sessions throughout the day which she absolutely loves - this is generally with her toy mice or plastic balls.

However, I'm becoming more and more concerned at her behaviour. She is increasingly raising her back and spitting before attacking myself or my partner - sometimes even growling. I don't know how to handle this! Do I give her into trouble or do I walk away? I just don't want her to continue this into adulthood.

There is nothing which causes her to do this - her behavior just arises from nowhere.

Does anyone else have this problem or have any advice?


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I would think this is rather unusual behavior for a kitten on this age. She's obviously afraid of something. When she does this have you been petting another animal by chance? If not, I think I would give your vet a call and discuss this to see what he says. Meanwhile, I would just ignore her. She's far too young to learn anything at this age, anyway. I have a devil cat but he just attacks me when he's mad. He didn't hiss and growl at me.
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Does it seem to be part of the play or does it happen when you may possibly be startling her?

If it's during playtime then it's just another form of play. You have to remember, with kittens, play is early lessons on how to fight, hunt, and just general socialization.
I've had several kittens that would arch, growl, hiss, and spit. Seconds later they'd be rolling around in typical goofy kitten antics. That or racing around.
Just slow down a little and try to discourage the hissing and spitting with a soft but firm voice, that or give her a small stuff animal play rough with. This the sort of play she'd be experiencing and learning to temper if still with siblings.
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I, too have had a kitten that would spit, growl and hiss during play ....... and it meant nothing ..... shes Laura in my siggy and shes a real love muffin, no hissing, growling or spitting past the kitten age, whatsoever.

Shes so young so I think a stuffed animal would be good, too for her to play with when shes doing this. Normally it would be something she did with her littermates, so encouraging her to do it with a stuffed animal and not you would probably be good.
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About getting stuffed animal - look in the baby section for one that has embroidered eyes or make sure to remove the eyes and nose before letting the kitten have it.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
About getting stuffed animal - look in the baby section for one that has embroidered eyes or make sure to remove the eyes and nose before letting the kitten have it.
Oh thats a good point.
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Thanks everyone.

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen when shes playing - it arises from nowhere. An example would be whens she's sitting on my kitchen table. If I walk past her in the kitchen she arches her back, spits and looks like she wants to eat every part of my body. Also, most times when she does this she starts to walk with her back arched in a kind of slow, sideways walk and hisses.

Yes, it is very funny to watch but I can't help but feel offended because she is only aggressive in this way towards me and not to her toys which makes me think that it is something that I am doing wrong.

She is due her injections next Wednesday so I'll speak to the vet then and in the meantime I'll chuck her some toys to demolish instead of my hand!
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Oh and here is Roxy! When she's not being the spawn of Satan.

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Oh my goodnes she is absolutely adorable

My Laura would also do it if someone walked into the room she was in I think your baby girl is just fine, I really do.
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Thanks Pami

I've always had cats when I've been growing up but Roxy is the first kitten that myself and my partner have taken into our home. Her behavior is something I've never experienced before. You're right I'm sure she is fine - she just needs loads of extra lovin'!!! x
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I think she is just reacting to being startled the best way she knows how. What happened to her mother? Since she was seperated from her mother way too young (should be with mom until 10-12 weeks for this very reason and plenty of others) she may not have learned how to react and simple little cat behaviors that the mom is supposed to teach her babies.
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Roxy was abandoned by her mother's owners - she was found in a sack with two of her dead brothers/sisters and was seriously malnuorished. She is very loving but on occassion she gets a "'Don't dare come near me" attitude which leads her to raise her back, spit and walk slowly in a side-ways fashion. If you then put your hand anywhere near her she goes insane! I've given her a soft toy this afternoon and she seems a lot better as she is focusing all of her attention on that.
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She is too cute! I too have a kitten who was taken from his mother too young. He's older than Roxy. He also will arch his back and spit if something scares him. He's really showing improvement though. Hopefully, Roxy will do the same thing. We must look really big and scary to them, particularly when we're moving around!
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Oh wow, she is CUTE! I had to laugh a little at the thought of that adorable little thing acting mean.

Hopefully this is a behavior she will just grow out of as she get used to being a kitty in a loving home!
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