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New pics of Quill

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I know I haven't posted pics of Quill lately, so here are some I took last night and today.

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Awww What a darling he is! I him!
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Quill is soooo fluffy! Just a huge, sweet ball of fur he is
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that 2nd to last one is ADORABLE!

My Yuki loves to watch TV too
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Awwwww bless him he's gorgeous!. My Jack watches t.v. a lot as well
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*hugs the big fluffy kitty*
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He's gorgeous...and I see his pink belly Awwww
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Ya Quill photos

Awe Quill u are such a gorgeous gorgeous boy
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I love those stocky little front legs!!!
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Awwwww Quill you handsome fluffy guy. I wish we got see more pics of you.
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Okay, one more. He's giving me a kiss

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Aw Quill I wish you could give us all kisses
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Awww, he looks soo sweet! I just want to squeeze him!!
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Awww, what a fluffball!!
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OOH I can almost feel his fluffiness! THANKS for sharing these gorgeous pix of your oh-so-handsome Quill -- I especially love the first photo, with him bathed in the golden light! And the one where he's completely relaxed...could anyone resist!
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