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Cat Odors?

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Im new here and I am not a breeder, I love cats and had seriously thought about breeding cats. I have a beautiful Persian male now, but he is fixed. My fear has always been the smell from the cats when they spray. How do you guys handle that? Is there a way to get rid of that odor?? That is the only reason I had my male cat nutered. If not for that I would have loved to have gotten into showing and breeding with him, because he is so beautiful and has an awesome temperment.
Any suggestions?
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How long has it been since you had him neutered? Sometimes the smell takes a while to go away once they've been neutered.

As far as getting rid of areas already sprayed, I've used two things, Nature's Miracle (it's great) or "It's Serious" Just follow the directions. Good luck.
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I have heard that it is recommended to start with a female for that very reason. You can keep females at home with you.

Most breeders I know keep males outside at special enclosures. They are used for breeding for a few years and then they are neutered and taken back in.

You can start by showing your cat even if he is neutered. There is a special class for that in shows. There's a good thread here about how to start about becoming a breeder:
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Well, as a breeder, I do not keep whole males in my house. I personally cant stand the smell and I refuse to cage any of my cats. So I use studs from other breeders. No, it is very hard to get rid of. Some breeders even have whole floors with nothing but tile so it can be cleaned. I would read the thread on breeding. You may even consider showing your baby as an alter, it is just as rewarding. We just had our alter make Grand Champion.
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Thanks.. Thats what I figured.. The smell is not something you can avoid..
I have dogs that I am getting ready to breed, so I guess for now I will just stick with them.
I love my cats but I dont care for the smell! And I sure would feel guilty if I had to leave the male's in a seprate house away from everyone!
I do like the idea of studs.. thats pretty smart!!
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Not all males smell the same - whole males I mean. Some have a smell so bad you would alter them in a second, others just have a definite male odor, but you can live with it. XO and Nock-out are two neutrilizers that really work to eliminate the smell of cat urine. I have a whole male right now - my Aby. He is only ten months old but his urine is not too strong - I have been at shows where six month old male scents made me run for the perfume bottle. After Merlot has sired his litter he will be altered and shown in championship alter. Unlike dog shows, you can show a purebred altered cat and they get the same titles the whole cats do - also, you can show household pets and they too can earn titles - and they MUST be altered by the time they are 8 months old. If you breed dogs you know that you only breed to better the breed of your choice and it takes a lot of study genetics wise. Too many people get into breeding because they have a beautiful cat but know nothing about the past generations or the generations of the cat they choose as a mate.
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Hi there. I'm not sure what happened to my last reply so if this is a repeat, please forgive me. Just wanted to let you know that not all whole males spray. My whole male aby, Jingles (who is also Rene's Merlot's father) does not spray and he's been on the show circuit since he was a kitten (he's now 3). The smells of other whole males doesn't even make him spray. We travel to shows via airplanes and he doesn't even spray then. For your info, females can also spray (I know this for a fact as I have a female who use to spray down my kitchen sink). I do have a male that sprays so but it's not a bad smell. I also use a pine litter which really helps. If you decide to breed, please do your researh, go to shows and talk with breeders. I started showing with my household pets and then got my first altered aby -- Rocky (now at the Bridge) -- and never regretted starting to show. I've actually even became a judge for my association. If there is anything I can help you with, please, just ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

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Thanks Frannie!
I had origionally planned on breeding my dogs. I have shelties. But honestly I am turning more into a cat lover than a dog lover.. I never thought that was possible!
I had at one time thought about the Siberian cats, because a have friends that have allergies and I wanted to see if they could handle these cats. I even thought of sending my brother (who lives in florida) to a breeder out there just to see if he'd swell up with in 5 mins! But I figured that was a bit cruel!!
Anyways, I may start looking into cats again for breeding and showing. I dont know alot about showing. I've only been to one cat show. It was a lot of fun! So I can always use some insite!
Thanks again!
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