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what kind of diet?

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Hi! i've recently got a cat well he was lost and the owner hasn't called or anything so we got him microchipped and stuff but anyway he's around 6 months old. I'm now giving him dry food because my brother says it's healthier than wet food and their poo won't smell as much but i'm wondering if that's true?? His name's Mika anyone know?? much appreciated!
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NOT really... Dry food is like cearal... Wet is better since it has the moisture level of natural prey....

http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthr...ighlight=foods this will explain some of the color coding

what many use and why they use

what I would suggest if you only have a grocery or big box retail to shop at

premium NO GRAIN wets
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Yes, the previous thinking about food was dry was better.

It has done a 180 in recent years, though.
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Please read www.catinfo.org for very important information about cat nutrition, it was written by an excellent vet. She solved my cat's chronic diarrhea problem with the correct food. All the diarrhea medication we gave our cat did not help one bit. This website will address cat nutrition in general, not just for cats with ailments.
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OK Thanks alot! we're now starting to feed him wet food but not too often

he seems to be eating much more lately we went to the vet today to have his second vaccination and the vet guessed Mika is about 5 or 6 months. He's eating alot more abit in the early morning around 6.00am and then at around 10 am then at lunch then evening and abit at night is this ok? he looks healthy enough he's not fat

also my cat has fleas and worms the vet have given us these kind of tubes with cream in to put just below his color every month does this stuff work?
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The topical flea meds in most cases do work
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