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Behavioral Problem!

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Hello everyone! I own a 2 yr old polydactyl cat. He is very loving and often friendly. My roommate just recently adopted 2 male 8 week kittens and I knew it would take Romeo (my cat) some time to ajust to the kittens however it has been a month now, and hes beginning to show aggressive behavior towards the kittens. Any suggestions?
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Some cats take longer to adjust than others. Perhaps the kittens are too rambunctious for his taste. If that is the case, he will put the kittens in their place and you do not need to interfere.
However, Romeo may also be feeling a bit insecure. Have you been playing with the kittens and unintentionally paid more attention to them?
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That's a good point yayi. I would make extra sure to pay a great deal of attention to your cat and to play with him and use his name and make sure you play with him in a separate room from the kittens. Do it every day at the same time so he knows he has special alone time with you. It is even better if the kittens are outside the room crying; that way he can lord it over them.
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