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Zorro's not aloud to play anymore.

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The vet called today to check up on Zorro. I told her that I had taken Zorro outside to play yesterday and that his back was bothering him a little afterwards so I gave him a little medicam. She told me that I should play with him anymore, but that I can still take him outside as long as he doesn't run around. He's only 2 years old, and still wants to be a kitten. He loves playing and running around. I know his back bothers him when he plays, but he has such a good time that I figured it was worth it, plus, his back is always hurting him to some degree.
I know they're only saying it because they care about him and they don't want his back to hurt, but its not like he's going to get better and I hate depriving him of the playtime that he most obviously wants. I make sure I'm careful when I play with him, and I stop when he starts falling over more than usual, or starts dragging his legs(which doesn't take very long)
Is it fair to keep him from playing? I know that medicam can have adverse side effects, expecially being used alot, but I'm starting to wonder if that risk is worth it. I mean, he's probably not going to live much longer anyways. Shouldn't he at least be able to have some fun??
I'm just so confused about what I should do. Should I listen to my vet, or do what I think will make my cat happier?
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I'm sure your vet is only concerned with him damaging (or severing) his spinal cord with a wild jump or a crazy leap while playing. I think its a decision you will have to make on your own. Follow the vets advice by keeping him quiet and calm,and maybe delaying paralysis a while, or let him enjoy himself and make it happen sooner. It would be a tough decision to make, that's for sure.
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I'd ask the vet about other pain medicines, like tramadol and Buprenex--they have different possible side effects, so it may be worth looking at them to see if they will work as well/better for your cat without risking the damage that Metacam can cause.
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Thats a great idea. The vet is very pro-metacam, which I don't like, but I'm sure if I suggest a different pain med, that he might cave and give me some. He's already on daily prednisone to keep the inflammation down as well as orbax antibiotics, so I need something that is ok to use this them.
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