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myth or fact??

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I heard someone say that you should never give a cat any table food that has onions in it because it could be deadly to a cat. I just heard that last month. I had a cat (from 1981 until 2000) that ate onions ALL the time in table scraps - NEVER was there a problem! My question is this - was he just LUCKY?? Or is that just an old wives tale or something!
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This is true.

Here's some links to articles on onion toxicity in cats.

Onion Toxicity

Also, garlic is the same. However, some cat food recipes say to add garlic, so I'm not sure if it's ok to use in minute quantities? I err on the side of caution & just avoid garlic altogether.

There's also another interesting article on this page.

Feline Future

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Garlic can be toxic to dogs and cats but you would have to be really illogical to feed a toxic amount. I give all my pets a small amount of garlic regularly and they're fine.
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I feed my cats Solid Gold which has garlic in it! Garlic helps to kill unwanted bacteria and helps cats detoxify. Like alicat said, only give small amounts, maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon!
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