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would you be annoyed too?

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there is a chat i belong to that's rather exclusive. anyway, i was chatting today and the subject of cats came up...i happened to mention my kitten was getting spayed today and one of the girls said "i'm worried my baby kitty got out this morning..i haven't seen her for hours"...i'm guessing she's an outdoor/indoor kitty at this point which is TOTALLY FINE but then she says.."she's going through her first heat...probably goin out trying to get knocked up...i hope she has kittens" this point, i didn't want to take sides on the whole spay/breed issue so i stayed neutral and casually asked how old she was.

she replied..."oh about six or seven months..i think she'll make some really cute babies".

OKAY. unplanned pregnancies is one thing...but TRYING or HOPING that a six month old gets pregnant...doesn't that just seem well...ignornant and somewhat unfair??

maybe i am just too sensitive.
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Yes, it does. No, you're not overly sensitive. It is unfair to the cat...the poor darling is only six or seven months old! Maybe if the cat comes back and, by some miracle, is NOT pregnant, you could talk to the girl and suggest looking at local sheler or onlne for ree kittens. That way she wouldn't have to deal with a whole litter and geting rid of the ones she couldn't keep. Although kittens are adorable, maybe if she was reminded about how much work they can be she'd rethink the situation.
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Aww thats not good! The girl doesn't even know that a 6 to 7 months old is too young physically & emotionally to get pregnant. Its like a kitten having kittens!

Maybe you should of said something...kittens are adorable, but only when the circumstances are different. That girl sounds young & sounds like she doesn't know the disadvantages of her cat having kittens so young. Thats too bad...
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No, you are aren't being too sensitive. Perhaps this person needs some education - let's hope that her kitten doesn't get pregnant and that you can convince her to get her spayed. Good luck!
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Its like a kitten having kittens
Exactly my thoughts. Here's hoping the poor little thing a) comes home, b) isn't pregnant, and c) gets spayed real soon. Sounds as if the 'owner' needs an education on the benefits of spaying.
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I know people like this and yes it does bother me. I don't understand why you would have an indoor/outdoor cat that is not fixed!!!
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I would be just as upset if I were you too. But- you have to remember that not everyone is as well educated on cats & all that jazz (which they should be if they own the animal!) and, they could be just saying that to get a rise out of you too.

Its the internet... you never know!
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That`s so sad

A similar thing happened on a cat forum I used to go on. A much respected member stepped up and said that she totally disagreed and was attacked from all sides

Some people will never put the cats first
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Oh you are not alone! I love kittens but it just seems really irresponsible to allow that to happen to your cat. I had a guy friend who seemed like such a responsible pet owner. TONS of time & money on his hands....then he turned around and didn't get his new boy cat fixed fast enough so it started to spray...then he started caterwauling so he let him out....UNFIXED. I wanted to rag on him so hard but I had to be gentle. I just couldn't believe he would be so irresponsible.

I have no problem with responsible breeders and I do rescue work as well...But what that girl did is exactly what causes part of our overpopulation problems. :/
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More then ignorant,, and even more unfair! There are so many unwanted animals, and this person wants to pregnate her cat.. It's wrong.. I'm sorry.. It's just wrong!!! If she wants kittens,, there are a ton of them near me,, who are soo hungry and want a home so bad!! It's heartbreaking!
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Well, if caring about the millions --that's MILLIONS with an "M" -- of sweet, wonderful cats and kittens (and mother cats with newborn kittens, and pregnant cats) who lose their lives senselessly each year in this "humane" society simply because of people like your friend there is "wrong", then color me convicted. I care about the precious lives she so cavalierly dismisses, just like you do. Unpopular? Maybe, in some circles. But would you want to be IN those circles? I know how I feel about that subject, and I will never miss an opportunity to advocate for spaying/neutering, adopting, and truly caring for cats. It's the compassionate, caring, and right thing to do. If you're interested in dialoguing with others of like mind, you might want to visit where you can join groups, blog, chat, or just surf. It's the greatest site and you'll find others who truly care about cats there!
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What someone like that needs is to be educated about cats in general, and cat overpopulation/euthanasia in particular. In cases like that, it doesn't help to be argumentative or flame-y (not that you were, I'm just saying in general). Kindly advice and education goes down much easier than lectures.
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Perhaps you can refer her to TCS and ask her to post her thoughts here! Not only will she be able to get good advice and learn how to be responsible, but her cat will benefit!! Win/Win all around!
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Has anyone tried to kindly share with this person the imporance of spay/neuter? The benifits and all that go along with it? Sometimes people just are not well informed and it takes a kind person pointing out imporant things like spay/neuter and the benifits to their furbabies for them to understand. I understand being upset (i have to deal with stuff like this all the time where i work) but sometimes, people simply just do not know what they are doing is not in their pets best interest until someone takes the time to try and kindly educate them. Many times people are really receptive to things like that -especially when it concerns their furbabies that they care about. Good luck!
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i was thinking that instead of waiting to catch her in chat again, the site that we are on also has a forum so maybe i could just send her a non threatening pm with some spay/neuter info..what do you guys think?
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Originally Posted by Tink80 View Post
i was thinking that instead of waiting to catch her in chat again, the site that we are on also has a forum so maybe i could just send her a non threatening pm with some spay/neuter info..what do you guys think?
I think it's a great idea Keep it really simple, friendly and positive. (if she feels like you're forcing the info on her she may be negative) if she feels like you're trying to be a friend and help her kitty to live a long happy life- she may be more receptive Be sure to explaine the pros of spaying to her and how it not only saves her life but hudreds of other kitties lives down the road that may wind up in the shelter as a result of her potential offspring, her offsprings kids, and so on....

if she says " well i want kittens or i want to see her have babies" - tell her how shelters are always looking for wonderful foster moms to help with pregnant kitties and their babies as well as bottle babies She'd get to help out needy kitties and still have the joy of being around little ones while doing something positive
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