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The scary cat eating bag monster strikes again!

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So I'm sitting here having a cup of coffee and trying to get some work done when I hear a crinkle coming from the other room. Well... I think we all know what that was So I pull myself up and before I can hobble into the other room to get the bag, I hear screaming, howling and hissing while the sound of a crinkly herd of elephants tear through my house!

It was Weeble... being trailed very closely by a plastic bag

I get into the hallway just as he gets the bag off him, hisses at it a few times and then runs screaming into my office - every piece of fur on his body standing on end

He actually let me pick him up and cuddle with him - which means he was absolutely scared cuz he's not a cuddler. The big baby got some scritches and then a tour of the house so he could see the mean bag was in the garbage and couldn't hurt him anymore

This from the cat who thinks he's all tough... I always knew he was all meow!
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Scratch once got a paper bag stuck around his neck and it wasn't pretty. He ended up terrified behind the toilet. I still laugh when I think about it.
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Your thread made us laugh Our cats do that with the plastic bag too! We will hear what sounds like a crinkly heard of elephants just to find out that its one of our cats stuck to a plastic bag...oh how cute

I love how you say "This from the cat who thinks he's all tough... I always knew he was all meow!" We love that saying!! Adorable & Cute!
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Oh that is too funny. I love it when the cats get all worked up about nothing. Bad bag for scaring poor Weeble!
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Poor Weeble! Isn't it funny how the rough 'n' tough boys always the ones who end up being just big bundles of fluff?

Now I'm just wishing you'd caught it on video.
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I woke up and found Chynna stuck in a plastic grocery bag one morning.

One handle was around her neck and she had one hind leg in the bag too and couldn't wiggle her way out of the bag.

I had woken up to a rustling sound on the right side of my bed, and then the sound moved around to the left side of my bed. Apparently Chynna came into the room and tried to jump up on the bed on the right side for me to help her only to find out that she couldn't because of the bag. So she made her way around to the left side so that I could see that she was in trouble and needed some help. She just sat there and looked at me. She patiently waited for me to get the bag monster off of her.

My girl isn't afraid of much of anything. Not even the vacuum monster. She actually gets excited when I pull out the vacuum because she loves to get vacuumed with the furniture tool.
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that was hilarious, poor Weeble, I'll have to check and see if there are any cat-eating bag monsters loose in my house
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how funny!!
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You know, when I read this yesterday, I thought the "plastic bag monster" was just nuts!

Well... until last night! Loki and Possum were running around and playing and one of them knocked off a plastic grocery bag on the coffee table. Poor Loki ran right into it and got caught and immediately freaked out! He didn't even stop, ran through the couch and kept running full speed through my apartment. Then he ran under a chair and just hid there. I got the bag off, but he looked so scared! My poor baby!

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lol funny i loved it,

reminds me of the time broni got stuck in a bag,
and went nuts running all over the house trying to get the bag monster off
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