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They're leaving

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This was the scene yesterday morning; the feeders were just buzzing with hummingbirds loading up with nectar. But then, about noon, they started blasting off at full speed, not to return. They're starting their journey toward the gulf for winter range. I'll leave the feeders up and full until it looks like they might freeze, so that the little guys from way up north will have a rest stop on their way south.

This morning, there are two females still here, but they are eating constantly, no doubt getting ready for a long flight.

I'm going to miss my little buddies, and I know the cats will as well

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Awww! I hope they make it safely to their new destination and then find their way back again after winter. Your kitties are going to miss their live TV
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Sigh, summer is coming to an end...

But the year round songbirds should keep the Jellicles happy until next spring!
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Awwww, great pictures. Hopefully they all make it back safely. Hope your kitties don't get too bored with out their entertainment.
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Great picture,hope they have a safe trip
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yep matter of fact i took my down over the weekend, after they finished there food.
Not going to put out anymore.

poor heyu, wont be much on bird TV for the next months
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They are beautiful

Bon Voyage, birdies
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Aw, what pretty little ones! I'm sure they'll find their way back to Skippy's Restaurant in the spring.
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Wow, look at them all!! How beautiful

Have a safe trip little winged friends
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Bye bye birdies!!!

That is a great pic btw!!
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What a wonderful photo! I almost took my feeder down over the weekend, but noticed on Saturday morning one visitor who managed to feed before the wasps scared him off - I wish that I could get rid of them. But, the feeder will probably not be refilled, since I think that most of the birds have left New Hampshire to head south!
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yup, the sad part of the year for us hummingbird people

Most of mine have left as well. There are only 5 or so left- its like a ghost-town without them I miss their little wars already.
My feeders will stay up through Oct. Don't want any babies or injured birds who had a late start to go hungry
I'm already planning my garden for next spring thinking up all the new flowers I can buy to lure them in .........................

Awesome pic btw!!!!!!!!
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Wonderful photo!
That's nice of you to keep the feeder up for any late birds.
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