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Need advice

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I have 3 kitties, born on June 26th. When do they stop feeding from momma? They are all litter trained, eating wet and dry food, yet they still feed off momma. She does not look like she is wanting to stop. She still tries to clean them constantly which irritates them - they swat at her. She will even call to them certain times of the day to feed. She has gotten really bad to the point that she growls at anyone touching the kittens or going near them. She used to be very lovable.

Normally I wouldn't care that they are feeding - unless it is a bad thing - but they all have diarrhea. There was a week where they maybe fed 1 and there stools started to harden up. Now that they are back to feeding - they have diarrhea. When I see them suckling, I push them all away. 2 of them get the hint and will leave for awhile, but one of them looks for me and runs at the chance. He broke his leg a couple weeks ago and was losing weight so I was feeding him wet food and letting him eat from momma just to fatten him up. He has healed up and looks fantastic now.

Any suggestions of what I can do? Is this normal for momma? She is a very young herself - her 1st letter. Could this just be her not wanting to let go?
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The kittens will try & nurse off mom for as long as they can - its a security thing for the kittens to nurse. We have 6 week old kittens & they still latch onto mom trying to nurse.

Our kittens used to have diarrhea until we gave them wet & dry food. The kittens will eventually stop trying to nurse. Whenever the kittens go for moms nips to nurse, gently take them away & put them in front of some wet food. All of this takes time...but they will get there.

Try showing your mom cat that you aren't there to hurt her kittens. Pick them up & while you have them, let her smell them in your hands. If she starts to hiss or growl, do a "ch" sound. Tell her everythings ok & be calm. This may or may not work...If you haven't got her spayed - you should do that soon...
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I've had moms nurse kittens up to 3 months old, tho the kits were not getting milk.

If they are eating more solid, you can start taking mom away from them for awhile to break them of nursing. Especially if the kits are getting diarraha when nursing.
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That is what I have been doing ... taking them away. Last night I pulled her up on my lap for about an hour and just gave her some personal time. She hasn't growled at me all day ... even when I have taken the kittens away from her. The 2 other kittens are getting the hint, the runt (the one that broke it's leg) wants it all the time. It's like a game between him and I. I walk away ... he darts for momma. I come around the corner and he runs away. It is kinda cute.

Thanks so the advice. I appreciate it.
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Also, when is mom scheduled to be spayed? That will help a lot in breaking ties with the kittens
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She isn't scheduled anytime soon. We just got the 2 boys done last month. It will be a little while before she gets done. They are all indoor cats so there is absolutely no prancing around outside. The boys are fixed now so she won't be getting pregnant again.
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Keep the boys away from her a little longer. Recent neutered males can still get a cat pregnant for about 30 days after being neutered.
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