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Bald spot under eye

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I'm not quite sure what to think of it - but my cat suddenly has what looks like a small bald spot right under one of his eyes. It wasn't there one day, and then it was the next. He isn't flinching with that eye, and it doesn't appear clouded or wounded in any way, he just has this strange little bald spot. He's an indoor cat, doesn't interact with other animals at all (we have two dogs, but they're never in the same room together). His appetite seems fine, and he's otherwise normal. He's about 6 years old with no real health problems in his past, except for one incident of UTI.

Anyone else ever seen this, or maybe know what might cause it? I don't want to take him through the hassle of a vet appointment if it's not necessary... thanks guys.
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Does it have a bump or scab? Is it pinkish? If yes, possibly ringworm, but if no then.....very odd. Maybe you can call your vet and get a phone consult?
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There is no bump, no scab.. it doesn't look pink, just kind of white-ish, like I can see his skin with just a slight "fluff" or "down" kind of fur still there, so it's not completely bald. He's a black cat, so white really stands out on him.

I think I may call the vet and see if they think it's odd. Thanks for the reply!
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My black cat Zippi also had a bald spot under his chin took him to the vet and was tested for mites and fleas test were negative - They also tested for ringworm and that came back negative also. Vet could not explain it- his fur his growing back now.
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Let us know what you find out ok!
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Is it swollen at all? Have you seen him rubbing it recently? It could be an ant bite or something like that or it could be from him rubbing it if his eyes are bugging him.

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