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Another pee'ing issue

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My first post to the forum... and I have yet another (or maybe the same) pee'ing issue with my cat.

I've read through this site, the forums, and many others, but I'd like to get some input regardless.

My cat is about 4 years old and last year started peeing in front of the litterbox. There were no significant changes, we had been in this apartment for about 4 months when it started, and she's never done it before. Now she's picked 4 or 5 specific places in the apartment to pee, but seems random about which place she's using at any particular time. I've tried almost everything including:

  • A 2nd litterbox (when I had a 2nd cat who had to be put down about 6 months ago, so its no longer an issue)
  • A ton of Natures Miracle (also baking soda on the wet carpet pulls up the urine, but is hell on the vacuum cleaner)
  • Tin foil over the spots
  • Moving the litter box to the new "target area"
  • Changing the litter
  • Cleaning the box daily

I plan on taking her to the vet this week, but I'm afraid of some solutions I've seen here where the vet says the cat has a personality disorder and needs anti depressants. Thats freakin ridiculous to me, not to mention money is tight right now and I cant afford much more than an office visit and a UTI test. I've also been pondering leaving her and the box in the bathroom while I'm at work, almost forcing her to use it, but that room gets a little toasty during the day (I'm in Florida) and I dont want to do that to her, but its now starting to cool off, so it may be an option in the near future.

What's really confusing me is she still poos in the box regularly without issue, but then started peeing right outside of it. Now that it stays on the tile by my front door, she's graduated to various corners and the middle of the hallway.

Thanks for reading & any possible advice, it is much appreciated.
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The vet visit and urinalysis have to be your first step -- I have never put a cat on anti-depressants and have had various cats with different peeing issues. If it's not medical, behavioral can involve a new cat moving in near by and your cat letting it know she's there -- that stuff does resolve over time but it does involve all the things you're trying.
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Definitely take her to the vet, since the most obvious problem is a UTI with the behavior you describe.

The only other thing I can think of in terms of what is "new" for your cat, is that your apartment may have had a pet in it before who peed and she is replacing that with her own smell. Four months isn't that long for her to get her bearings and decide how to make this her true home.

As for the antidepressants, it doesn't sound like your cat is crazy or anything. You might try using Cat Attract litter too, once you have figured out why she is not going in the box and have eliminated the source of the problem; and are ready to reintroduce the box.
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