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Daily Thread Monday 17 September

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Happy respect for the aged day people.
Yep Japan has a day to respect the age, not only that but its a public holiday

Its another sweltering day and raining. Our power vanished at the exact split second that some lightening struck, only was off for 3mins though.

Nothing exciting happening other than the thunder storm, all have a great day.

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It's only 14 here today so rather chilly!. Grocery shopping tonight, then home to the kids
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Good morning ya'll!! I have a bunch to do at school today, two presentations and a test! Whew! Anyways, I'm very excited b/c tomorrow is my husbands LAST surgery!! I'm so happy! Please pray for him!!
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Good morning! Very chilly here, feels like fall (woke up in the 30s). Quite a difference from my weekend in Albuquerque (days in the 90s)...I can't believe we're almost in the 4th quarter of 2007.
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I started my day at 1:30 this morning. I woke up from sleeping because I couldn't breathe, and I have been up since. I would go back to sleep, but I have to get the kid off to school. I am not working today, so I am coming back home to go back to sleep. I have no idea what the temperature is, but I am sure it's cold.
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Morning cat peeps

Heading to work in a few..then off to the per usual for me

I hope ya'll have a great day!
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Great day here, sunny and cool. What I call sweater weather, which is my favorite.

The usual for me this morning as well, up early to do some laundry before heading off to work.

I had been having some issue's with my knees the last several days but they feel much better this morning so I certainly happy about that. Not ready to yet but am getting there.

The kitties are in full combat mode this morning, apparently there is a moth or maybe just a housefly at large and they are on full alert right now. Knowing Linus he may have just seen his own shadow and assume something was loose in the house.

Everyone have a good day.
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Well its sunny and going to be windy so I'm working on my third load of luandry for the clothesline. Did some cleaning and dishes too. THe temps are going to be above normal for the week but right now its only 61F.

My eyes were pretty gross this morning-feeling a little better as the morning progresses.

I could work but I don't feel like it-should work on the yard however-bit stiff from yesterday.

Have to order some peonies this morning for pickup later this week. And should pick more tomatoes for sale (at $1/pound!!!)

That's about it for today-have a good one!!
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Cool mornings make it hard to wake up!!!

NOthing special planned for the day - even though I feel aged...
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Morning/Afternoon all!

I must say, despite the amount of money I'm paying movers, it sure is nice to not have to lift ANYTHING!

Maybe next time I'll see how much it costs to have them pack the stuff too. That truely was my worst nightmare...the amount of things and boxes NEVER ended (or so it seemed.

After today it will be all downhill!
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