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New here. Need answers.

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Hello, yes I'm new, but anyways. I have two kitties Hunter and Jade they are usually healthy but I keep getting a reoccuring problem with my long haired male (Hunter). He's losing fur all over his body and has a rash that looks not very comfortable at all. He grooms constantly which adds in his misery by giving him hair balls. I cannot afford a vet immediately, does anyone have any at home treatment ideas to ease his suffering until I can get him to a vet? We just recently moved, my family and I, and we are in this financial pinch I love my kitties and I don't want to see him suffering like this....I have bathed him to keep any sores clean. One other question, I know this might seem weird, but can you put neosporin on a cat's sores just to make sure they don't get infected?
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See if you can get a vet to take a payment plan, many will try and work with you. Also look for a low cost vet, possibly at your local humane society.

It could be a food allergy, or it could be something else, but without a vet visit you'll probably spend more money guessing at solutions and guessing incorrectly then if you take him to a vet and get a professional answer.
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We would like to think that Neosporin would be okay to put on a cats sores. We put that on our cats - but we try to put it only in places that they can't lick. Whenever we put this on our cats, they give us a look of relief

Any skin condition that does not go away, or that reappears after treatment, should be treated by a veterinarian. Until you can get to the vet - keep up the good work with the bathing & everything. We don't know if this will help or not, but try putting some type of oil (baby oil maybe) or aloe on the sores to soften them up. But if not neosporin should be ok for now. Whatever works to sooth your kitty

Keep us updated on how your cat is doing, hope hes okay
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Does it sound to anyone else like it might be ringworm?
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It does sound like ringworm to me too. I've had to do lime sulfur baths at a cat rescue...you'll need help if that's the case.

Also, just a thought about neosporin v. something else: I know that vitamin E oil works quickly and really well. It helps promote healing.

If you just moved and this started after that, stress might be a factor, but I agree with the ringworm comment.

Don't worry, I'm new too:-)
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