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Rectal prolapse - what to do?

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Howdy all.

There's a stray cat who hangs around our house, and he has I think rectal prolapse, here's a picture (sort of graphic)


I don't know how long he's had the condition, but he's had it ever since he showed up which was several months ago. I can't afford to take him to the vet to get it fixed, and I was content to just leave him as is as he seems fine with it, but I'm told it is eventually fatal and I should have him put down so he doesn't suffer.

I would hate for the poor cat to suffer, but I'd also hate to have to put him down needlessly. Like I said, he's had this condition for at least a few months. Could he just live with the condition? Or if it's left alone for long enough would it eventually prove fatal?
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I have not dealt with this before, but i have found a page with information on it. I am sorry i could not be more help, i hope the kitty will be ok.

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I have only dealt with it in kittens, and they needed to see a vet ASAP.

Do you have a shelter you can take the cat to so kitty can get medical attention?

Here's what www.peteducation.com says about it:
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Oh my...the poor baby!! Isn't there a local rescue shelter you could contact to see about getting help for this baby?? Bless his heart....
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I've dealt with it in a kitten, and she was put on a fiber-enriched soft food only diet.

Since it's a stray cat, see if the Alley Cat Allys website has any links to cat groups in your area. I'd be careful about taking him to a shelter, because they may deem him unfit for adoption and euthanize him. (sad, but true).

Hope he gets better!
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hey, my kitten has rectal prolasp an the pushed it back in an stiched im jus wonder how long would it be for her to heal because it still looks swollen but the doc. said its ok, im jus really worried about an i want her to be ok
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