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We might be moving again..

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Well we've only been here since June 2006. The other house we were in for 19 years, and the new neighbours with their noise and things pretty much made mum mad, and it was her decision in the end to move, even though i was excited. Now it's the same reason here, mum wants to move closer to the city, but it the neighbours she can't stand..

So. Forms have been signed. We had the house evaluated. We are not having a 'for sale' board in front of the yard, but will be advertising on the net for 60 days. Mum and dad said it was so we could see what offers we'd get, even though we know the real estates value. Now they're saying if we get a really good offer, then we are moving!

I'm so sick of this. In the other house my bedroom was next to the parents bedroom, so with one wall i had to be really quiet and they could hear me in the mornings etc. We had 1 bathroom/seperate toilet and i had a wardrobe i bought before we moved. Now my bedroom is seperated by a bathroom, so i can actually walk around and do stuff, but the floorboards are really creaky. I also have a built in robe which sort of gives me more room. And we have 2 bathrooms (1 with a toilet) and other seperate toilet. But the yard is tiny, 50/50 grass concrete. I'm worried about when we move that ill end up being next door to my parents again, or having the computer room next to me (dad stays on the computer tapping away till 3 in the morning, its enough hearing him down the hall, i could not be next to it)

The only reason we got this house was the seperate toilets/bathrooms (more room for all of us) and the inside was done up, no renovation needed. We looked at this really nice house, and it had 1 bathroom and the door barely opened up onto the combo shower/bath and mum didnt like it. But it was so modern and had a bungalow (which meant i could have had privacy and made noise)

And on top of that councelling is going up and down. I am not ready to work. Next month i have to do another mutual obligation (volunteer work through government to get me 'off my arse') and i dont even know if ill get to choose this time where i go. It's 6 months long and im just so not ready to go into this, i have way too many problems to sort out.

I'm amazed my hair isn't falling out, i just feel so sick about all these things happening at once. And Charlie doesn't have enough room with the enclosure we built. If we move i want to instead put up those guards around the fence so he can run around the yard but i dont know how much it would cost and after moving we wouldnt have much money left. He needs more room because he is still patchy and meowing alot even though i am constantly paying him attention and putting him in the enclosure.

I'm so stressed!!

Sorry for ranting
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I feel sorry for you, you do seem to be going through quite bit these days.
May I just say, that if OZ is anything like NZ, then moving closer to the city is just going to be the equivalent of moving out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Heres some vibes for you
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Originally Posted by DIEGO View Post
I feel sorry for you, you do seem to be going through quite bit these days.
May I just say, that if OZ is anything like NZ, then moving closer to the city is just going to be the equivalent of moving out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Heres some vibes for you
I don't think we'd ever live too close. Atm it is about a 50 min train ride to get there, so we aren't extremely close. It's just again..for mum. Because she works in the CBD and we don't drive, she wants it to be easier to get to.

Sometimes wonder if my opinion actually counts *sighs*
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I can hardly read your first post because the text is tiny
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I can hardly read your first post because the text is tiny

Sorry Susan. Usually if i type alot of stuff, i like to make it smaller so it doesn't take up too much room
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That's better

Whats wrong with the neighnours?
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Well we have three units (community housing, we live in our own house/block of land, nothing to do with the government) over the fence behind us, the lady in the middle is loud and obnoxious. Her children are just as bad. They tresspass on our property, they kick their balls into our yard, climb our fence and have thrown items such as a kitchen knife and balls onto our shed and our porch (quite a deliberate throw as the porch is probably about 10 metres from the back fenceline..and over a 8 ft tall fence).

We don't feel very safe or happy here. They choose to play sports in the driveway when there are two parks 50-100 metres from here. A few times we have let this woman come to us for help using our phone, she's left the phone on a call, run back to her house to grab an address book and come back again some 20 mins later (this was on a mobile call). She said she couldn't afford to pay her phone bill (but she can afford two children, a useless line of boyfriends and numerous kittens??? when she's living in a community house?). She said shed have her daughter come by the next day to repay us. It never happened.

She is irresponsible with her cats. After we kindly suggested to her to get her cats spayed and registered when her 4 month old kitten escaped into our yard, btw it hated her and as soon as she picked it up it tried scratching the hell out of her to escape (she said she would and that she wanted her cat to stop having litters) she came by the other week with two brand new kittens that she had to give away to the vet because we couldn't take them.

I dont like hearing her and her kids swearing, yelling, banging doors and playing loud music at various times of the day/night. She is a bad influence on her kids, her son is messed up and she rants and raves taking her daughter home from school swearing her head off in front of her, when she is only in primary school. The other reason she has come to us is she KNOWS we dont drive, that not all of us work and most likely someone is home at most times. She has taken advantage of us. After a while we just said if she came to the door we'd ignore her because she's a user and a liar.

Then the small things of the guy who lives many houses away and we can hear him on his drumkit day and night, the couple who revv their car for half an hour to get it going (it's not normal, and it's extremely loud, and it sounds like their in a race), the boy (who's high school age) who had this stupid lowriding tricycle thing with PLASTIC wheels, not rubber, he goes up and down and around the road for hours ans its faffing annoying. Not to mention the schoolkids who also tresspass, throw litter into our hedges. We also live alot closer to the trainstation, and this suburb is way worse than the other one. There is always someone drunk or drugged out of their mind, verbal and physical abuse to passengers and there have been serious assaults, one resulting in the stabbing death of a man a few months ago on my train line, about 2 hours before i went out!

Does that give you an idea? I want to move to the UK with Tristan *sobs* oh Snuse.....i know you may not have seen my thread last week when i came back...but i sort of mentioned that i got engaged 2 weeks ago...
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Is community housing the same as the council housing over here?.

At my old house, mine was private but we used to get teenagers down who didn't live there and they were from a council estate.

We'd had enough of them causing a disturbance, so the law brought out whats called an ASBO, and because we all made numerous complaints they got one So it sounds like a few ASBO's need handed out where you are

Ooooooh congratulations!!
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Yes i think so council/community housing, for people who don't have the money to buy a house or are in difficult situations etc. I reackon they should be on a big block of land with HUUGE fences away from the quiet home owners lol
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I agree. I myself grew up in a council house along with many good people who still do live in them, but when people spend good money on their homes the last thing they want is people bringing the neighbourhood down

I hope you get a quick sale
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That's horrible! Unfortunately when you get closer to the city, the obnoxious neighbors multiply. I would do a lot of research in the next town or area that you are looking into. Usually you can call the local police and find out how often calls are made to certain neighborhoods and visiting the city web site can give you a rough idea of where you should look.

Good luck though! Hopefully it will be your last move for a while.
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