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Thought this was cute!

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I've never had a cat before, so all these cat behaviors I'm seeing are very new, very amazing and very cute to me. Every night, Silas falls asleep on our bed by us. Sometimes in between us, sometimes under the covers (if he's cold), and sometimes at the bottom of the bed. By morning he's been up prowling around (he's an guard kitty, ya know! lol) and falls asleep in the living room. Every morning, when my alarm clock goes off, I will ALWAYS hit the sleep timer. And as soon as Silas hears the alarm go off, he is running into our room and on the bed, usually before I get back in. From there, I lay on my back and he crawls on my chest, lays down, and purrs till the cows come home (or till the alarm goes off again ! It happens every morning, and it is the best way to start a day off that I can think of!
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That is very cute! Trent used to be my alarm clock. He would come up about 1-2 minutes before the alarm went off the first time and snuggle with me until I had to get up. I wish he still did it, but he hasn't in quite a while.
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Fitz does the same thing in the morning--I love it when he snuggles!
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My kitten Leo does the same thing! alarm goes off, he jumps on the bed, walking on me and my husband rubbing us until he finds a spot, and is purring the whole time from when he jumps. Once he finds a spot he wants pets, and snuggles till he falls asleep, purring so loud, that I can't go back to sleep, although I don't mind, cause he is just so cute!
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LOL... Cooper hates the alarm.....

It will go off and she will swat my face until I turn it off!

Silly Cat!!

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Dani Night Stalker is the same way. My little girl has just started laying on my chest with her nose right on my lips. She purrs so loudly though I can't sleep at all.
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