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Help With Diner Time Please

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Can Anyone Suggest Ways To Make Sure That A Cat Will Only Eat His Special Food. He Will Try To Eat Anything And Most Especially The Other Cat's Food. He Has Urinary Tract Problems And Must Only Eat His Food Which Is Out At All Times For Him To Access.
I Used To Leave The Food Out For The Other Cat Also And Then Has To Put It Away So The Other One Will Not Get To It. The Problem With That Is The Second Cat Ended Up Loosing 20% Of His Body Weight In Three Months.

I Need Help To Get Them To Only Eat Thier Respective Foods So That They May Have Access To It At All Times.

I'm Starting To Get Desprate. Please Help Me!!!!!

That Cat
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I would suggest feeding them meals at specific times and in separate rooms rather than leaving food out. Or, if the other kitty can eat the special food and be okay (check with your vet), you can leave out the special food and give the other kitty scheduled meals of his normal food.
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I would feed them in different rooms, but if the sick kitty needs his food out all day I don't know what to suggest. Is the food terribly expensive? Would it hurt if the other kitty ate it too? I don't leave food out all day for Blossom, she mostly eats all her dinner in 10-30 minutes.
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I have a very similar situation.

I put Waltie in my room, with a litter box, and food and water, while we are at work. He can eat all day, and not get into the others' food. It was the only thing that would work. He got used to it.
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You will have to feed them in separate rooms with no access to the other's food. Since you can't leave food out, the other cat (with no problems) needs to also be put on scheduled meal times. Until he learns to eat when offered you may have to put food down for him an extra time or two. Only allow them to eat for 1/2 hour - then take food up till the next scheduled meal time.
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for you imput, really apreciate it. I check with my vet and decided to put them both on the special food (less stress than changing thier daily routine). And am now providing the healthy cat with an anti hairball gel.

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