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Hi everyone Donna here. I ve noticed that some of u have the cutest cartoon picture of a white cat next to your user names. How do you do that??? Are these avatrs or something else. Thank u Donna
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If you go to your profile (user cp) , there is a selection of avatars you can use. For now you only get about 5 (in the kitten level), but as your posts go up and your ranks over time, you get more and more avatars. You can make your own, but it can only be small (sizes on the user cp page, or go tcs support/announcements section of the forum). For me i'm at the top rank (which is reached after i think 6 months or 2000 posts. I have a total of 130 to choose from. If you are a paying member you can have bigger avatars and colours and different fonts on your user name & you get a custom title after a certain time as well (the bit that says what rank you are under your nickname)

Hrm that looks a little confusing :P
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You need to be a member 24 hours for the option to appear
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