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My fish

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This is Sharkbait



The current residents of my 55 gallon

Male black Angelfish

Joe Bob Fred Frank George-male common pleco (don't ask)

Joe Bob Fred Frank Joey-female sailfin pleco

Female Silver Angelfish
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My 30 gallon
Male Chocolate Angelfish, female silver

44 gallon
Male Zebra Veiltail

Ghost, Leopard, and Koi Angelfish

Leopard Angelfish

15 gallon chocolate gourami tank
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30 gallon amazon setup
Spotted Climbing Perch (Mr.Perch)

Bolivian and Cories

15 gallon newt tank


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Wow!!!!! That's awesome! Your fish are beautiful and your tanks look really well kept Great pics!!!! Are you a member of by chance? (it's like TCS but for fish!)
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Beautiful tanks.

Bolivian Rams are a very underated fish. My Oscar (El Chupacabra) has the same coloration as yours. Your angels are gorgeous. The Leopards are among my favorite angel color morphs.
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Originally Posted by gothicangel69 View Post
Haustrum snail.
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No, I'm not a member, just it sounds like a great site. I might join. I'm a fish fanatic. I used to breed angelfish, but it got too expensive and time consuming.
The leopard morph is my favorite as well, but they're so hard to raise since they have to be grown in the right amount of light, or you end up with something else.
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I had a pair of Marble Veiltail angels that I was breeding for a while, they passed away a few years ago. The first fish that I had spawn were Neolamprologus brichardi, a Tanganyikan cichlid, then the angels. After that it was another African from Lake Victoria then I was breeding my discus for a while. I lost the mate with the latter but like you said, breeding is very time consuming. The only fish that I have breeding for me now are my wild type livebearers- a few Goodeid and Limia species. I had some halfbeaks that were spawning but they died off rather abrubtly and I only have one left.
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Right now the only fish I have that breed are my white clouds, and unfortunatly, all the babies go to my Perch. That thing easily eats 20 fish a week.
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They are so pretty! The bettas are my favorite.

My first betta passed away a couple of weeks ago.. I had him for almost a year and a half. They are wonderful fish, I'm looking to get another one soon.

I love snails too, I think they're cute!
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wow! you have some great looking fish
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How big do the albino cories get, you always see tiny ones at the pet store.

I used to have tropical fish, I raised swordtails to adults, had like 15 of them!

How big is your newt, i've got a Chinese Firebelly Newt, they are probably the smallest species sold in pet stores, but mine is almost 10 years old!

He loves to eat whole live earthworms (but small size for him), frozen bloodworms, live blackworms, sinking newt pellets, and on occasion as a treat live brine shrimp.

Here's my newt Carol (thought he was a girl until I only found out 2 years ago he is actually a boy)

He's always had problems staying in water too deep, he had it when I purchased him many years ago, so I keep him in fairly shallow water, though the whole 10 gallon is for him, there is no other animals with him. He seems to do well being he is living so long.

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I love your fish!!! I expecially love your oscar! I used to have one a few yrs back named "Oskee".I miss him and would love to have another some day!
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Your fish are awesome! You have such a variety - its great! Thanks for sharing your fishy photos!
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The newt is a Paddletail. He's a little stunted in his growth though. He used to live in a 40 gallon with my frog, Oscar but when we had to put him down, I moved 'Bob' into the 15 gallon.
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Yeah, paddletails are much larger than firebellies! Yours would probably eat mine if they were in the same tank.
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