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Pepper attacked hubby!

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Pepper(a.k.a. Emerald, a.k.a. Nanna, lol) attacked hubby today!

He kept trying to tickle me(I HATE being tickled!) and so I ran in the room(Pepper is in the room). Well, once he finally got the door open he freaked Pepper out and she came charging at him and tried to bit his leg(thankfully he had shoes and jeans on)! She is such a sweet cat and is super loving, so why would she do this and how can we work on it?

As a background, Pepper is a cat that I took in a few days ago because she needed a home to stay in til she could get a premanent one. She was owned by a family with young children, but she lived on the street. She has had about 3-4 litter of kittens in her short life(guessing about 2-3 years old) and was not taken good care of.

Right now she is staying with me and I am hand-raising 2 orphan kittens that are 4 weeks old. Well, she has a super strong mothering instinct so her first reaction was to hop in kittens' box and take over, so I let her(she had been vet checked first and was given a clean bill of health). The reason she was in the room was because that's where I keep the kittens and since she insists on taking care of them I let her stay in the room in their box and snuggle/mother them.

She DOES have a strange quirk of growling when she smells/eats her food and when she hears a loud noise(mainly when someone yells; my neighbour's kids are noisy). She has never seemed aggressive in the least when she growls, she just seems to do it out of habit rather then anger, so I never thought much of it. However, the odd growling+attacking hubby makes me believe that she has a "dark side".

What do you all think about it?
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It sounds like she has chosen to protect her turf with the kittens and to protect you.

When she eats, can you move or touch her food? If so, she may just be telling you how good the food tastes.
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That's what I'm thinking as well. Also, she really likes hubby and is constantly rubbing up on him trying to get him to pet her, so I don't think she has a grudge against him, I think he just frightened her by running into the room like that.

As for the food, I can pet her and even take the food away while she's eating and she doesn't tense up or react in a negative way at all. so, I agree, she's probably just letting me know that she really enjoys the food, lol.
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Part of it might have been the noise, it worked her up. Also since she was living on the street some, she probably had to fight.
If she really seems to like you and accept you, then she was just doing what some cats do when they're in a somewhat bonded group.. attempt to drive off the intruded.

Side note: it's more noticeable if you've ever seen a bunch of female ferals band together to chase off a strange cat.
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Oreo does this with protecting my youngest child. When we try to tickle him, he screams and has a high pitched laugh. Oreo will come in and charge at the person who is doing the tickling. I think that it is the high pitch sound that scares her must sound like a kitten in distress. So my only thing would be to say just tell your husband not to tickle you
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Haha! telling him not to tickle me is easier said then done. I can't really remember, but I probably DID screech, so maybe that's what set her off.
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Originally Posted by TortieBaby View Post
Haha! telling him not to tickle me is easier said then done. I can't really remember, but I probably DID screech, so maybe that's what set her off.
I understand that one. My DH is usually the one doing the tickling and the little brat does it sometimes just to see Oreo come in and try to get him. Men...go figure
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That's actually kinda cute. I need my cats to be like that so when my bf bugs me, I can tell them ATTACK!!! hehehe unfortunately, mine just run and hide when they hear loud noises. I have two chicken little~~~
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worry not. honestly, cats do straneg things when they hear things they aren;t comfortable with. once, my kids got a little over excited and squealled really loud. DH ended up with split lip coz our coon decided to leapt six feet into the air and kick him in the face.

poor husband and silly kids! and wow, my cat can jump
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Wow, looks like I'm not the only one with an over-protective kitty, lol.

Last night hubby and I were laughing and Pepper(you know what, I think we're going to stick with Emerald Nanna, but will call her Nanna, she seems to like that name...) came running over and jumped up next to us. She looked at me as if to say, "Is everything alright? Do you want me to bite him again?". ROFL! What a great kitty! I wonder if hubby will let me keep her...
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I just wanted to update you all and let you know that Pepper is no longer scared of loud noises and no longer tries to attack my hubby, lol.

I moved her out into the livingroom and have started taking the orphan kittens from her at night. As well, I have tried to introduce as many louds noises as possible(vacuum, blender, etc...). I "tested" her today by screaming and also having hubby yell a couple times to see how she responded. She didn't show any fear or anger. She remained calm and only let out a small meow to let us know that it hurts her ears, lol.

I'm VERY pleased with her progress and am totally confident with letting her go to a home with children now.
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