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What could sooth my eyes??

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Without actually having to drive to buy anything tonite???

We had to start burning our enormous stump as it was waaay to heavy to drag (yes more grass to fix). So late yesterday afternoon Neil started it burn it (yes we have used two face cord of firewood already!!)

Anyhow late this morning when he re-lite the fire well its windy and all the smoke was blowing of course the direction of the area I was working on re-leveling so I could plant.

I tried to stay out of the way (actually I'm about 40 ft away) but they are dry, bloodshot ans sore from rubbing. I found some patonal (sp) and just put in a couple of drops but I do not seem to have any dry eye drops. (drug store a good 25 minutes away). How about eye wash solution cold compress??

Any tips as I'm sure this will bother me tonite.
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do you have any cucumbers?
Place slices on your eyelids.

I think I heard something about sliced raw potato works too.

Maybe a warm washcloth soaked in milk?

anyone in the house wear contacts and have any solution?
use this as an eye wash or rinse.
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A cool washcloth over the eyes or if you have a cucumber try a few slices and lay over your eyes. Do you have any kind of Contact Lens eye wash or something similar. I have glasses (used to wear contacts) but we have a container of eye wash just in case.
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Put some cold cucumber slices over the outside of your eyelids. OR if you're a tea drinker- make yourself a cup of tea (use two teabags!) and then put the teabags in your freezer for a bit and then apply them to your eyes for a quick fix.

The BEST thing you could possibly do for your eyes though (i recently had some eye issues and this is what my eye doctor told me- it works!) - go to your drug store when you get a chance and get some eye gel for pm. (i do not recommend Refresh PM just for the record- it's too goupy) - BUT Baush & Lomb Moisture Eyes PM is AMAZING!!! (Genteal PM is great too- but the baush &lomb stuff is really similar and a few bucks cheaper)- put some of that in your eyes before bed with clean hands, and then put a nice little eye mask over your eyes for the night. (it takes a night or two to get used to wearing one.) The good thing about the sleep masks is that if you like to leave your fan on at night (like me) - it will keep the fan from drying your eyes out and blowing dust/particles in your eyes and making them more irritated. Since I started doing that like my doctor recommended- my eyes are SOOOOO much better! Maybe that will help you out!
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No cucumber (ok the decomposing one in the crisper). No contact wearers either.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
No cucumber (ok the decomposing one in the crisper). No contact wearers either.
Do you have a bag of frozen corn or peas in your freezer? If so, kinda break up the pieces in the bag a little bit and then put a hand towel over if and put that over your eyes for a bit- it will feel just as good!
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Lots of frozen stuff I was thinking of a chilling a washcloth in the refrigerator.
I'm sure tomorrow they will feel better and no fire during the day so I should be able to get more soil hauled in that area with worrying about the smoke.
We bought a few trees and shrubs Saturday and the big Sugar Maple we bought had to get in the ground so I had to work on that area. Now just filling with more soil and more planting (slowly) of perennials to be done!! Not to mention all the lawn we have to re-seed!!
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