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Separation Anxiety??

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I think Boo might have separation anxiety. He's over 13 weeks old now, and we've had him since he was born (took in his mother). I'm a stay at home mom, so I'm usually always at home. Everytime I go to leave, he runs after me screaming, and once I shut the down, he screams even louder. When I come home, he won't leave my side and he gets so excited.
He doesn't damage anything in the house while I'm gone, just screams and cries.
Zorro also has separation anxiety, but nothing like this. He just gets all depressed when I leave.
Is there anything I can do to help him calm down? I just hate seeing him like that!
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There are cats more vocal than others. Boo is probably one. If he were really under stress he will do more than being noisy.
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Are you doing anything to encourage this behavior? Early on when I got my cats I determined I didn't want a big fuss when I left the house or when I got home. So I just slipped out the door without saying goodbye and just slipped back into the house without saying hello. So my cats know it's no big deal when I come and go and don't get excited about it. Usually I come home to find them sleeping and they don't even wake up when I come in. Often our pets are just reacting to our own behaviors rather than getting anxious about our leaving the house.
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I don't think I encourage the behavior. When I leave, I say a casual 'bye boys'. And when I get back they get a quick pet, but nothing to elaborate. He just seems to get so upset and anxious whenever I leave. I've tried feeding him before I leave, but he just leaves his food when he sees he putting my shoes on and starts screaming.
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Maybe you could try crating him when you leave.
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Have you tried Feliway?
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No I have not. Where would I find that, and what does it do?
I don't really want to crate him since he's very attached to my other cat, and I think it would stress him out even more being away from him.
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It's supposed to calm cats. This article explains it better than I could:
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