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Please someone help. My cat has been acting really strange the past couple days and quite frankly, I'm beginning to worry. She has been walking around meowing constantly. Not real loud like a yowl, just a soft meow. But she does it A LOT! Plus she has been sleeping more than usual and she has wanted an unusual amount of attention (unusual for her anyway). Should I be concerned or is she just in heat?

I have also noticed she has been eating and drinking more than usual too. Could she be pregnant? If so, how can I tell and how long are cats usually pregnant?
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Well, theres a good question....the crying and drinking, and sleeping could be a medical problem. On the other hand, depending if she is pregnant or not she would sleep,eat and drink a lot in the last 3 weeks or so. Cat pregnancies last about 63 days or so. The biggest sign is their nipples get very large and pink. This would be the first sign, usually happening 2 to 3 weeks after conception. If you really can't tell for sure, you should take her to the vet and express your concerns.
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Welcome to the forums Becca!

I think your cat could be in heat, but then again by the time you see this reply, she may very well be pregnant

Why not get her to the vet and have a medical check up? Then, if she's in good health, I suggest spaying her - the sooner the better. Most vets would spay her even if she's in heat and even during the first weeks of pregnancy.

There are too many unwanted kittens being born and really not enough good homes to go aorund, so please spay your cat and don't let her have kittens!
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