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Well done!!! Do you have a weighing scale - kitchen? Weigh them now and weight them again in about 4-6 hours and again 12 hours after the initial weigh in. If they gain any weight, mom cat is doing her job If not, after the 2nd weigh in, start supplementing.

As for whether you should keep them or not, the choice is yours...
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Where can I get supplement? Can what kind of tool I need to feel them?
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If mom is inside and nursing the kittens you don't have to do anything. How is she acting? And do NOT let her back outside until she's spayed.
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Mother is super friendly but I have havn't seen her touch the baby, but I don't look at them very offen.
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One way to tell is to put your hand lightly over their head, if they try to nuzzle your hand like they are lookin for a nipple, she's either not feedin them or it's time for them to be fed. Since they are newborn, she should be feeding them every couple of hours.
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24hrs later, they're still alive. I will start weighting them tonight, wish me good luck.
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Good luck! You are doing so great, you are such a kind person to take them in! <3 I'll be saying prayers for you & the little ones!
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Great job! Thanks for taking them in.
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You're doing a great job!! Momma cat and the babies are so lucky to have found you to take them in! Keep us posted!

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If mom isn't with them, she could be on edge. Please be sure the kittens are in a box out of drafts and kept warm. will help you to know what to do if you have to bottle feed. These kittens should only be eating and sleeping and pooping right now. Mom is needed to provide milk and grooming and of course warmth. Bringing her inside could be stressing her out, so lower the lights in the room and be sure she is confined with the kittens but has a way to get out to use the litter pan and to eat. If they become cold, they will shut down and you will lose them, so hopefully the queen has decided to do what she needs to do.
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the weekest one gone.........

I find one pop and mom always sitting beside them watching them, still have not seen mom feeding them. I tried bottle but kitten does not looks like they're interested.

Hope they will make it.
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Second one pass away.
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Have you gotten them to eat anything yet?? Also, you must make sure that the one still surviving is kept warm. Prayers for you and the little ones . . .

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I did everything I know from you guy and the web, they're all gone. The last one pass way in my arm, don't have mood now, thanks everyone and plz close thread.
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