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2 month old kitten HELP PLEASE

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hey guys , i have a little kitten named Cassie ( i'll post pictures when I can get my cam working ) . She just turned 9 weeks old , and I got her when she was 6 weeks old . She's a sweet little thing but there's one problem , she likes to nip at our toes and the back of our feet , if you can help , please help me ..... what do I do ...
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I expect she is just making a game, you could try tiring her out with lots of other toys?
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3 hrs a day , and 2 hrs before bed.... yea .... i dunno
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Wear socks & slippers?
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Probably every cat will make games out of it... Casper loves grabbing onto my toes and fingers as if they are little dangly toys just for him...
This is no problem case... you just have to tell her no, and distract her or wear socks/slippers.
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AWWW, this is cute behavior in a kitten! But if you don't want to encourage her, yes, distracting her with toys is a good idea; wearing footwear is good, too, and finally, may I suggest adopting another cat (or kitten, if you prefer, but adult cats need homes badly, and they make wonderful companions!) thus saving another deserving, precious life, and giving Cassie a playmate! A young cat would still be playful enough to be a playmate, and would provide Cassie a friend when you are not there...
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Fuggle, my little 10 week old, does the exact same thing. He's way into attacking hands and feet. Like other posts on this board say, we just stop paying attention to him when he does that. We also got him one of those plush dachshunds from Petco (you know the one in the commercial?) - it's about his size and he can wrap himself around and it and bite it instead.
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That is just something that kittens do, particularly ones who are seperated from their mother too young. She should have been with mom until 12 weeks old ideally. Did something happen to her or was some person just giving away kittens that were way too young? They need to stay with mom because she teaches them very imporant behaviors that they need to learn on how to be a cat and behave properly.
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