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Is my cat big?

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Hi! I have a male cat named Silas who is 7 months old (today, actually). Everyone that comes over always looks at him and when I say how old he is, they all say the same thing - "he's big!". He's not fat or anything, in fact he's pretty lean. I've never had any cats before, so I was wondering whats the normal size for a cat. He's not any special breed. Right now he weighs about 10lbs, and his head comes up to about right under my knee (i'd measure him, but like he'd sit still for that! ). and He does eat a ton! Your comments would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Hmmm...you would have to send a photo to be sure!
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I have 5 Siamese cats, one is 18 pounds, three are 8 pounds, one is 6 pounds .All are totaly healthy!
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It can depend on the cat, and what breeds he is mixed with...
Even at 7 months... 10lbs COULD or could not be a lot, it all depends.

Send us a photo and we'll easily be able to tell you if he actually looks over weight or not.
Try to take a picture of him standing up, and you standing above him, so you can get a downward angle on his back so to speak, or one of him standing up from the side.
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My cat Rascal is 8 1/2 months old and weighs 10 pounds. He is 3 feet 2 inches long! Your cat could be done growing, or went through his growth spurt to early. My other cat, Peppurr, is almost 2 and weighs 12 pounds. He is 35 inches long! They are both mixed breed cats. Here's some pictures!



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Love those pictures!
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He sounds like a big boy. Leo was not that big at that age, and he grew to 22 lbs. His back was level with my knees, and his paw could nearly cover the palm of my hand. His head was slightly larger than a softball. It was so funny, though, this huge cat has the tiniest meow. He sounded like a kitten. He was a very mellow and sweet kitty, just as loving as could be.
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