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My homemade drop trap

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Me and my Grandfather built this drop trap by hand. I took about 2 days and was costly, but it was cheaper than buying online and was worth it!

Isn't it a beaut?



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it looks great, Keith! let us know how it works. That was awesome of your Grandpa to help out
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Nicely done!! Far nicer looking than the one I made out of scraps from my barn!

Sending trap kitty vibes your way

Let us know when you catch your first cat with it please!
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Great News!!! I caught the Mom today on the first try with tuna and the drop trap!!!! I'm so happy! All I have now is her 2 sons to do and im DONE!!!! One I know will be easy he is a food hog and was under it today eating all the tuna, the other I dont know, he doesnt seem to like tuna or canned food, so I dont know what food to use as an incentive for him to go under? Mabye just dry food if he is hungry enough?

Anyway just wanted to give an update.
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Wow that is a great trap, really nice! What did you use for the mesh, is it tough plastic? It is fabulous that you got one of the kitties with it already.
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Nice job with the trap and congrats on catching the mom.
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I made it using directions from this site, and did a few modifications of my own.

I used athletic (golf cage) netting, it's strong but wont injure the cat if rubs against it, like chicken wire would.
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i saw keiths drop trap and i am so impressed i can't begin to tell you !!!

it is awesome !!!

and i am soooo happy that he got his mama cat caught !!!

due to major medical problems i have had to back off on helping keith
and he has totally taken over with this last catch.

and after i gave him the telephone number and email address of a trapper-
rescue person i had been using to help, he contacted her and made
arrangements for her to come get the cat to get her fixed and return
her to him.

and he will be doing the two male cats that are left with his grandfather.

its taken almost a year for me and keith to get to this point but i have
to say i am very proud of keith. he has come a long way and now
will be doing the last two cats without me.

and then he can concentrate on socializing them so that whoever
socializes well can be adopted out.

two of his cats were such lovies that the rescue we were working with
were able to adopt them both out pretty quickly.

this is for keith.....
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The trap is wonderful! Great job on the trapping!
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Wow! That is a great looking trap! Congratulations on getting Momma the first time out! Good luck with the boys!
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Today I got the last and final cat fixed out of the ones I was feeding! It took long enough but my persistence payed off in the end.
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