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Suki loves bleach! We have to lock her out of the room where it is to stop her sniffing it and rolling in it. The smell actually 'turns her on'!

She loves Crumpet, butter, cornflakes, Pot Noodle (Curry flavour) and numerous other silly none cat foods :P
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Don't feel bad about your dog drinking. Fred would be a lush if I would let him. He will drink White Russians until he falls over snoring. I was having a few one evening, and kept wondering how my glass kept getting half empty so quickly. I came out of the kitchen, and there was Fred, almost upside down with his head in my glass, slurping away. He is no longer allowed to drink, he's very silly drunk.
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My late husband, Russ, would have a Scotch & soda, each evening. He used a tub glass and sat it on an end table. One of our cats, Feisty, would hop up there and help herself to a sip or two. Of course, we didn't allowed her to have too much. She would, also, sip my Pepsi.
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LOL drunken kitty

Suki likes a bit of tea too, she sticks her paw into the cup and licks them.
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Earl Grey tea?

Love that stuff
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Just basic bog standard tea, with a little sugar. So funny to watch
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The very first time Louise (Purringpanther) and Lee came over with Orion to visit us I made them coffee and Tatyana jumped onto the coffee table and stuck her nose into Louise's cup! She made me make another one though! I can't understand why! LOL!!!
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Rowdy is, always, drinking out of my water glass. If the level is too low, for her to reach, she dips her paw into it and licks the water off.
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Ummm.. Cooper likes dried apricots (just found out... cause I dropped one on the ground)


no further explanation needed! LOL
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I discovered today that BOO likes cheez-its! She also likes chicken, which my other two wouldn't touch!
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Like Ike, Pearl has begun eating those half-dead bees, that show up on our patio. She seems to be able to do it, without getting stung, though.
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Blondie can't resist lettuce. He chews it until is is a mushy green pulp and then leaves it for us on the bed. Yuck! He also eats bananas.

Pan and Jules both will grab my cereal bowl with a paw and try to forcibly pull it out of my grasp so they can get the milk. Mind you, they don't like and won't drink plain milk. They want the milk with the Lucky Charms residue in it!
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First time I see this thread. Interesting....

Well, I have to hide all fancy ribbons from Whiskers as she loves those. Forget about bringing in balloons because she goes nuts trying to catch the 'flying string'

She loves corn. I don't give it to her but one day, one of my boys left his plate in the living room and she was up on the table devouring the leftovers (corn only) She did not even touch the meat and potatos. Actually, come to think of it, neither did my son after he saw what she was doing!

And custard......well, she'll just about run you down so she can lick the cover.

But her all time favorite snack is: ladybugs. Makes my stomach turn but how do you stop your cat from eating a bug? Mission impossible....
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Whisker's Mom, you just reminded me! Last week, I got KFC for us for lunch one day, and part of my lunch was a corn on the cob. Blondie came over to see what we were eating (as usual) and sniffed the corn, then proceeded to lick and bite at it. I gave it to him when I was just about finished and he gnawed on it for about ten minutes, loving every bit of it!

Bugs...eeewwww... my BF thought it would be fun to get a dozen crickets from the pet store and see how the cats reacted. (Had he mentioned this to me beforehand, it would NOT have happened, as I am very squeamish about bugs!). Well, he released the crickets in the basement and Pan and Jules went wild. They ate them all! YUCK!!! Poor crickets! I yelled at my BF and told him never to do that again!
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Peedoodle is our cricket killer. eek!
But its funny that this thread should come up - Peedoodle has discovered he likes vegemite. A kiwi cat in the making.
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I've had lots of cats, who liked to eat crickets. Cats are eco-friendly pest control.
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I keep hoping that Willie will eat any bugs that wander into the house, but the house has been bug-free so far... before he came, I only saw two itty-bitty spiders (I HATE spiders!) and a wood roach (Which is like a cockroach on steroids...they live under houses and come in when it rains heavily) that was about 2 in. EEEKKK!! I emptied half a can of raid on that thing and made H dispose of it when he got home.

So far, he likes to chew on string. Which is a little scary. I've tried to "de-string" the house, but do you know how much string is in the average house? He already found one of my hairs with dustbunnies on it, and got it in the back of his throat and was making choaking sounds , scared the he!! out of me! He was fine, but I'm trying to keep an eye out for string like things, and the next time I'm out by Staples, I'm going to buy cord wraps.
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Moths are the bug delicacy at my house. They take turns stealing the half-dead moth from each other until Ophelia gets tired of the game and eats it.

My friend had a cat who would chase down flies, but when Bitten would get it in his mouth it would buzz and he'd move his head around like the fly was actually flying around inside his little mouth. It was so funny to see! Bitten would get tired of getting "buzzed" and open his mouth and the fly would just fly away. Start of a new game!
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When Hooda was a little nipper she used to go gaga over brussel sprouts. My moms cat loves olives.
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Socks loves olives. Here she is begging for some pizza with olives:

I think the dog has been a bad influence on her.
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It isn't just the cats. Pearl eats charcoal and the ashes from the grill. She and Ike both eat bees.
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My cat loves, loves lasagne. Although I try to keep it from her, she gets so frisky when I make it. She is passive about her food and not too picky, but she comes running for the Pounce treats. And, of course, the odd mouse that finds its way into our basement.
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LOL is your kitty related to Garfield by chance??
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My cats will eat just about anything... crackers, chips, ice cream, fries, and peanut butter cookie bits are their faves. Although I'm sure they'd love to eat a ton of that stuff, I only allow them a little bit every now and then
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