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Post-op complications after dog bite

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On Tuesday night our cat Wicket was attacked by a dog. After ALL night at the emergency vet, she was patched up (sort of) and we were referred to our vet the following afternoon. When we got there, he was frustrated because of the poor ER care and because she needed emergency surgery but it was too late. We went back again Thursday morning to close the superficial wound, explore the abdomen (it was punctured and she has a localized peritonitis) and repair a hernia on the other side also caused by the bite. We took her home Friday night but she's still not right. She's eating a little, drinking a little but otherwise just laying around and her temp this afternoon is still 103.6. She's on Clavamox BID. The external wounds look good but she's extremely tender over both sides where she was bitten.
There's no where to take her right now--I WON'T take her back to the ER vet for a number of reasons but we'll call our vet first thing in the a.m.
Any ideas? Is the oral Clavamox not enough? Is this typical post dog-bite? I, and the vet, expected her to bounce back much more quickly. She's been in a 48" kennel pretty much the whole time and is wearing her E-collar most of the time, and she doesn't mind at all. That's bothersome.
Any ideas I can share with the vet? Anything I can try tonight?
Thanks for your help,
Tiffany along with Willow, Whisper and Wicket (convalescing)
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I don't have any experience with this as all cats in my care are safe indoors-only, which I hope you will consider for all of your cats as well. Your regular vet is the best bet, as you probably have only one emergency vet clinic in your area? Hope you can get in to see your regular vet first thing tomorrow; in the meantime, all I know to do is to keep administering the prescribed medications and keep your cat comfortable and as calm as possible.
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Did they not give her pain meds? She's probably still extremely sore and will be that way for a few more days,especially if she has nothing for the pain. Poor Wicket...I hope she will be alright!!
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My cats have never been outside. The attack happened in our living room with our dog, who just seemed to snap and attack. She's gone back to the rescue, who already had another home lined up for her, as we feel we could never trust her again (with our cats or our daughter). I need medical advice if you have it please, not parenting.
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Yes, she had pain meds (IM there and butorphanol at home) but it's more than that. She's still febrile too. I wish it were just the pain...
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The Clavamox is for infection. If she is on pain medications, she may be rather mellowed out.

Is she breathing ok?
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I tend to go by the pet owner's gut feelings. After all, you know the pet the best - and we can only go by what you are saying.

I would find another Emergency vet clinic in your area.
It may well be that your baby is a bit dehydrated (that can cause the temp to go up too), but she may need a stronger antibiotic.
Cats hide their pain, so the fact that you can tell she is in pain means it is pretty severe pain.

Dog and cat bites can be difficult to treat.
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