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Male cat and crystals

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We got our two 3-year-old tabbie boys from the SPCA 6 months ago. We think we know why they were turned back into the SPCA (they only take in cats that they oringally adopted out). Apparently, one has a problem with UTIs and srystals (unless this is a first time with cyrstals). So, Simba is at the Vets for 48 hours, with an IV and a catheter. $1000 later, we will have him home again. He and his brother will then be put on Rx wet food.

Is there anything else we can do? Will the prescription wet food take care of the problem? I love these little guys, but it feels like we were suckered - that we know so little about them. I'm constantly cleaning up pee spots on carpet in their room, where they stay at night. They (one or both) also pee on the stairs and the hallway.

Also - I'm using the Nature's Miracle (red & white bottle) to clean the carpet, but is there something I can use to deter them from peeing anywhere but their litter boxes?
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Lots of info for you

WET is best for UTI issues .. RX may be needed depending on the crystal type
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How do I get my cat to drink more water? I finally squirted some water into his mouth after giving him his oral antibiotic this morning. I'm keeping the two cats seperated at night just to make sure Simba is peeing. He had a couple of very small lumps in his litter box this morning. I'm hoping that I see more when I go home at lunchtime. I hate keeping them seperated, but I need proof that Simba is peeing.

Any suggestions on getting him to drink more?
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do they eat their wet food? that is mostly water so it helps right off. for cats with problems, I have even watered it down more into a soupy mushy mess. But it gets the water into them. Some kitties also like to have fresh running water so a cat fountain might be a good investment.
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When Mitten had a one time bout with UTI, the vet recommended I add a little tomato juice/sauce to the food for awhile. Did the trick for him. But not sure what to recommend with a chronic UTI.
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I have a running fountain in their room, a dish of water in there and a regular water dish in the kitchen. Simba is the one who dips his paw into the water dish and licks the water off. He occasionally drinks from the water bowl.

I know he peed this morning, because a corner of the carpet was wet! but he didn't do any in the litter box. I think both cats are so shook up from keeping them seperated, that they're both peeing outside the box. I'm keeping them together now.

I used a whole spray bottle of "Urine-Off" in their room and the hallway outside their room. (they have a room to stay in at night, because I don't want them to startle my elderly mother when she gets up at night.) I don't know if it did any good.

I gotta figure out two things: how to get Simba to drink enough water & how to get them both (I think it's both) to stop peeing on the carpet.
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Cats with crystals and UTIs may stop using the litter box because peeing is painful and they associate that pain with the box. You may need to make changes to the boxes and/or the litter to get them to use the box. How many litter boxes do you have? Some cats don't like to share boxes or prefer separate boxes for pee and poop.

After both Eric and Kolohe had crystals in March I bought 5 new litter boxes and changed the litter to plain, unscented, clumping litter with Cat Attract additive. Cat Attract also makes a litter designed to retrain cats to use the box. Due to the cost of shipping to Hawaii I order the additive rather than the litter. It works! Here's a link to the Cat Attract site.

Good luck and positive thoughts to you and Simba. I know how frustrating this situation can be.
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Checkout carpon by Dr. Belfield. It has made all the difference for fang.
sorry for being so brief but I have posted on this subject ad infinitum and can't do it any more. If you search this site for carpon you will find a link.
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After my cat had a bout of UTI problems, I put a lot of water bowls everywhere, in every room, focusing particularly on places he liked to hang out. It turned out that he would drink a ton of water from a bowl placed in the bedroom, but nowhere else. So I was able to take up most of the other bowls — now I keep two, one in the bedroom and one near the food (though he rarely drinks from the latter).

I highly recommend this. It turns out that a lot of cats don't like to drink in the same place as they eat. And I know someone else whose cats will only drink water in the bedroom.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. They have two litter boxes that I have thoroughly cleaned and refilled with Cat Attract litter. Since they'll be together tonight, maybe they'll both relax.

It may be time to replace the Feliway plug-in too.

I like the idea of many water dishes all over the house. I have seen them both use the one in the kitchen. But of course, Simba is afraid of me now since I need to give him medication twice a day! I'll try to stay away from the kitchen water dish.

I have read so many threads and have been so confused on what to try, I really appreciate the feed-back.

This is such a wonderful site!
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One of my boys is prone to develop crystals, which then led to a nasty UTI. I got a fountain and he is now on a raw type diet. When I was looking for answers, I contacted a holistic vet and was told that 500mg of Vit C twice a day will help keep the urine a bit more acidic and less likely to form crystals. You might want to talk to your vet about possibly supplementing Vit C.
Good luck and best thoughts for Simba!
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